If the scales go down, is this always a good things?

If they go down, you cheer and celebrate. If they go up, you’re pi55ed off..

But what if you were doing some exercise and eating ‘well’ & the scales staying the same or going up was actually a good thing? Can this be possible?

^^^ Despite what the Slimming Clubs tell you

Well, if you’re talking about ageing well, long term health conditions and metabolic health, your chances of staying independent rather than being dependent on a carer, how easy it is to do everyday tasks like shopping and climbing stairs, and how you fit you clothes…

Then maybe the scales staying the same or going isn’t a bad thing…

This is because ageing well may be related with your muscle strength, After all, if you’re stronger and everyday tasks are easier? You’ll probably do more and it’ll be easier to get in shape, anyway.

The main problem?

1) Yoyo dieting and focusing on the scales over the years may mean that you’ve lost muscle and put on more fat when the weight has come back on (even though your weight may not be too much higher)

AKA you focus on losing ‘weight’ and not BODY FAT…​​

2) You’re less active than you were (which means your body has less of a need to keep muscle)… I must say, slimming clubs saying that exercise doesn’t help probably isn’t helping the NHS save much money long-term…

So, what are some things you can do to help you get stronger and improve your body shape (without obsessing about the scales):

* Eating enough protein –

Your body uses protein for muscle repair, skin, hair, nails, digestion, I could go on. It’s constantly being used. Think of it like building wall but having someone take bricks off of the wall all day. You need enough each day or the wall will fall over..

Simple ways to increase your protein:

1. Swap your breakfast cereal for Greek yoghurt and berries or some an omelette

2. Swap a 100g snack pack of nuts (579 calories, 21g protein) for Tesco chicken salad sandwich (465 calories, 31g protein)

3. Swap an Innocent Fruit Smoothie (140 calories, 1.1g protein) for a Skinny Latte (109 calories, 11g protein)

* Do some muscle strengthening exercise

I don’t want to put you off ANY exercise. If you’re doing none right now? just choose any you enjoy. There are SOOOO many benefits in terms of your energy, health, how you feel, mental health etc, just from going from none to some.

But if you’re already, say, walking. Doing a class every now and then but aren’t too happy?

Then try some muscle strengthening exercise. It doesn’t have to be in a gym. In fact, all of our sessions in our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme use predominantly body weight so you can do everything at home.

Even if it’s some squats getting up and down from a chair.

One last thing…

So, I say that the scales going up or staying the same might be a good thing, but this is taking into consideration that your body shape is changing.

Which is why I recommend you see how your clothes fit and take some measurements along the way.

The scales are ONE measure. Useful. But not worth deciding how you feel, your mood and who you are that day about..

there’s more to life than that 🙂

Although most people come to me to ‘lose weight’, most of the time they actually mean lose BODY FAT…

​​And of course, have more energy to do everyday tasks & enjoy time with loved ones, feel healthier and fit their clothes better… 

Matt ‘protein’ Fruci

PS. Whenever you’re ready…

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