Fear? (what to do about it)

So, I turn the tv on after dinner the other night and there was a Dr on. My initial thoughts were ‘here we go again. Is it carbs that are making us fat today? Or is it fat? Or are you just going to put us all out of our misery and say that it’s too much fat and carbs AKA too many calories?” lol

But to my surprise, he was talking about a giraffe who wouldn’t wear his glasses. Simply because he THOUGHT they made him look silly.

So, after walking into a rhino, he wore a bell so they’d know when he was coming. After banging his head, he worse a helmet. After falling into a river, he wore a rubber ring. After sitting on thorns he wore a pillow on his bum…

Then one day, a cheetah snuck up behind giraffe whilst he was sleeping and put some glasses on giraffe. When giraffe woke up, he could finally see. And when he saw his reflection?

He realised how SILLY he looked with a helmet, rubber ring, bell, and pillow strapped to him…

And decided to wear his glasses instead…as he wouldn’t look as silly…

Why am I telling you this?

Well, you and me both are probably held back in work, with our body, health, family, and life in general simply through our FEAR of looking silly.

“What if I fail?”

“What will everyone else think?”

Which is crazy. After all, who cares what someone else thinks? I mean, most of us go about our day worrying about what complete strangers think about us. Forgetting that they’re probably so worried about what you’re think about them that they don’t care…

For me personally, this has been the case many times with public speaking (I literally used to just call in sick at university). Missing speaking opportunities, doing more qualifications because I was simply scared to put myself out there.

Fast forward to today?

I’m nearly at my first goal of helping 100 people every month feel more confident, build more positive relationships with food and feel better in their favourite clothes, doing some with for people with Type 2 diabetes with the NHS, and being invited to guest lecture at Oxford Brookes University in nutrition.

Not to mention, I love my job and get to spend more time with my family.

But my point in all of this?

Both me and you have very imaginative brains. They can literally create some scary stuff. Which makes the future very scary. Stops us doing the stuff we want to do. Even though ME and YOU just completely made it up. 

This all makes getting started on something and putting ourselves out there flipping scary….

Yet I can 100% guarantee you ONE thing right now:

It is NEVER as bad as you think….

And when you experience that ‘it is never as bad as you think’ …

that’s when confidence comes in…

Giving you the courage to do the things that you know you need to do to get what you want…

Be it with your relationships, work, body, and health.​​​​​​

Which begs the question:

Does it make sense to say​​ ‘no’ to the thing you want through fear of looking silly?

Matt ‘fear’ Fruci

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