Are you still eating coconut oil?

‘It’s good for you so I swapped my olive oil for coconut oil.

I read it would help me lose weight

so I thought it had no calories?’

^^^ A question I had last week

Coconut oil is everywhere at the moment

You’re told to cook with it

Wash your hair with it

Moisturise your skin with in

I could go on…but it might get a bit rude.

So, is coconut oil better for weight loss than olive oil?

It depends…

ONE study showed that those who had coconut oil instead of olive oil and ate the SAME number of calories overall in their diet lost an EXTRA 1.7kg over 12 WEEKS!


lost a little bit more fat from around the stomach area

Now, before you go eating your shampoo and moisturiser….

This doesn’t mean that coconut oil has ZERO calories

In fact, it has pretty much the same calories as olive oil per tablespoon

And this is just one study

You see, other studies have shown that eating more fats like olive oils help with long term weight loss and reduce your risk of heart disease and Type 2 diabetes

^^^ Just look at the Mediterranean diet

And that if you eat MORE coconut oil to the extent that you eat too much OVERALL for how much your body needs…

You will actually gain weight

And there’s more….

Some studies have shown that eating more coconut oil may increase your cholesterol (which I’ve spoken about before so won’t go in to today)

And what I’m leading up to is THIS:

Whether you eat coconut oil or olive oil will probably make ZERO difference to your weight loss and toning up efforts

Enjoy it?

Go for it!

Not for you and love your olive oil (just like Fat Loss Mastery member, Bea)​​​​​​​​​

Stick to your olive oil​​​

Because it comes back to how much energy you’re putting in OVERALL

I’m not here to ‘sell out’ like those self-proclaimed nutritionists on pyramid schemes 

I’m here to be honest and straight with you

And it works…you just have to look at some of the results from the ladies here

So if you’re ready to separate the FACTS from the GOSSIP

Meet like-minded ladies

So you can tone up and fit back into your favourite jeans for summer (just like Rosie)

Go here:


If you want to wait for the ‘magic’ solution

Go here: Loading…..system error….Crash….

Matt ‘systems down’ Fruci

PS. we have 3 spaces (I think) for Tuesday’s seminar

Your move

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