What’s happened to Rosie since her visit to Marlborough?

So, I was lucky enough to work with Rosie for 5 days last Summer (July time)

^^^ It was on a Summer School course in Nutrition at Marlborough College

And here’s what she said after finishing:

“Can recommend this for anyone who is stuck weight wise…but don’t wait till next summer.
I now have all the tools, knowledge, and motivation to get moving, eat properly, and in a nourishing way to optimise my health and fitness for me and my lifestyle.”

Now, I’ll admit

Everyone is optimistic at the start


Raring to go!​​​

But when the honeymoon period is over…

Maybe you have one of those social occasions?

A kid’s party?

^^^ And there’s been a new arrival in Rosie’s life, too!

And realise that this faddy, detox stuff isn’t quite compatible with your birthday cake

^^^ Or Bacardi & Cokes…as I’ll let Cassie explain at our Free seminar in Marlborough  😉

You get bored of your kale smoothies

Drinking laxatives

^^^ And tolerating loose bowels …..

But then I had another update just a week later from Rosie:

I’ve lost two lbs, and have more energy, and don’t seem to crave.
Just off to do the washing, ie…dead lifts….”

WOW…she’s doing the work, getting results and DOING the washing at the same time…

Win…win 🙂

I then receive this in November:

“I am a pound off my target for the New Year that I first set with you in Marlborough!
Pleased and fitting into clothes that I have not worn for a while 
And not having to think which pair of jeans fit…they all do!”

Not having to think which pair of jeans fit…

Imagine that?

Now, you’re probably wondering what’s happened since

And so was I until just last week when I got this update from Rosie:

“Feeling good, fitting into everything

​​and a size smaller jeans!

Busy busy, walking faster, more energy.

​Enjoying my food.​​​​​

​​​Another size smaller jeans

More energy



And the strategies that Rosie has been DOING

Are the exact enlightening strategies I’m going to be showing you on Tuesday 9th May in our FREE seminar​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

​​​Where you’ll discover the 7 obstacles that stop you getting your body back and how to overcome them

In an amazingly SIMPLE way

Smooth sailing 🙂

Register here: https://frucifit.com/free-seminar/

Matt ‘piece of cake’ Fruci

PS. 3 spaces left…so unless you want to miss out on hearing from the illustrious line up of body transformation members  like Cassie and co. (and me, of course :-))​​​​

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