This message even surprised me

This was from a member on my Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme who’s now ‘flying solo’ with their diet and exercise habits:

 “Obviously you will be fully aware of how much I have got from our training sessions and moreover, how inspired and enthused I have felt by your superb coaching.

Rest assured it will not be the end.

Just like letting a student pilot go solo, I am now taking responsibility for myself and will try to follow the guidance you have given me.

Again like a pilot, when I need to have my competence revalidated, I know who I will ask to check me out again!!!

Looking forward to setting the bar even higher👍😇😏!!”

And although this was very flattering for me and reminded me about why I absolutely love what I do…

I was gutted that I wasnt described as a ‘hunky young Mr Charles Atlas’ type in their review:

“when I was introduced to Matt, he was not the usual hunky young “Mr Charles Atlas’ type I had expected
All previous Personal Trainers I had observed seemed to be bulging muscle types who were themselves keen young fitness addicts. 
Although young and very fit looking, Matt is mature and quietly methodical with the instincts of a professional sports coach.
He explains that he is not promoting a diet, but simply offering a body reshaping programme which offers a permanent new body shape. “

Because whats the point of looking food in 8 weeks if you pile it back on in 12?

They went on to say:

“It is not a quick fix short term weight loss diet. 
The body transformation can be achieved by eating differently and using exercise to burn away the unnecessary fat. 
His approach is music to my ears.”

And the results?

“New trousers waist belts will be needed
some of them have no more holes left. 
So far I have lost seven centimetres (2.75inches) from my waistline measurement. 
Another sign of weight loss is my watch strap now rotates easily around my wrist like a bracelet.
Purchase of a whole wardrobe of new smaller clothes will have to wait till I get to my new plateau weight. 
Very noticeable is the reduction in the puffiness of my cheeks “

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As I’m not planning on doing another one of these again any time soon (for free, anyway)

Matt​​​​​​ ‘self proclaimed charles atlas’ Fruci

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