Message from Bea and your ‘lack of willpower’


Is a lack of ‘willpower’ or ‘motivation’ just another ‘story’ about why we don’t make the jump to better ourselves?

Ooooooo controversial, I hear thee say….

True story this:

I’m walking (or strolling as my wife would say about my walk) through Marlborough High Street the other week on the way to our Fat Loss Mastery session

And I bump into one of the members en route (Bea)

I couldn’t help but think (and say…): ‘you’re looking really well.’

^^^ I thought I’d wait to really delve into this week’s results with Bea until we got to the session (as you may know I can get off on a tangent and I didn’t want to be late for the other ladies…)

So I get to St Mary’s Church Hall (where the sessions are based)

And I start chatting to another member on Fat Loss Mastery (going through her nutrition and Weekly Accountability Battles Plans)

Who mentions that she saw Bea recently and can’t believe how good she was looking…

^^^ Weird….I literally just saw Bea and thought that, too!

Bea then walks in and EVERYONE is asking: ‘wow, how much have you lost?’

To which Bea quietly replies….7kgs

^^^ Like it’s been a walk in the park

Her secret?

Bea has found the type of workouts she ENJOYS

^^^ Which means she sticks to it (minimum once per week)

She doesn’t feel like she’s ‘dieting’ as she can still eat the foods she loves

^^^ Including anything off of the Prezzo menu 🙂

And can still lose fat whilst working long hours, living a busy lifestyle and socialising with the family

^^^ Where lot’s of eating out was done 🙂

You see, Bea said to me that she’s struggled to stick to diets in the past


Well, all this weight loss, diet and exercise stuff used to be a chore for Bea…

And the truth is, if every day is a chore….

Your ‘motivation’ and ‘willpower’ is probably going to run out once the honeymoon period is over

^^^ and a 3 day diet is no good for anyone….and I’ve been there…thinking that I ‘had to eat porridge for breakfast because it was “healthy” and that swapping white bread for brown bread would make you lose weight

Now, before you think:

‘Matt must have some secret diet plan that’s easy’

I want to tell you that I don’t

Because the principles I teach in my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme (and will be going over in the LIVE FREE seminar on Tuesday 9th May at Marlborough Golf Club)

Are not easy….

But they are very, very simple

And although Bea is loving the workouts and her new found energy

Some stuff is required

And you simply have to LEARN TO LOVE it

Which is where I have to ask you the right questions to make you question your beliefs that hold you back

Because – just like Bea – you’ve probably given up on diets in the past

Blamed your lack of ‘willpower’ and ‘motivation’

And maybe even lost faith in this whole health and fitness industry that’s bigger than ever and has more high techno gym equipment available than ever…

Yet is failing miserably to help you ditch the baggy clothes, get out of that yoyo dieting cycle and feel more confident in their favourite clothes once and for all

And I get that all this can make you feel that:

‘this won’t work for me’

‘I’m different’

But here’s the thing

That belief pattern right there is the #1 guaranteed way to fail

Because by NOT doing…you’ve automatically failed

And you’re saying that you don’t want to find the nutritional and training strategy that you ENJOY, gives your more energy, and helps you feeling more confident in your favourite clothes

^^^ All without setting one foot in a gym OR having to give up your Bacardi and coke 😉

In the end, all that matters is what you DO

And whilst others are still banging on about the latest shakes, diet pills, and high-tech gym equipment

^^^ that confuses the hell out of you

I’ve got this ‘unusual’ opportunity for you to attend my FREE live in-person event where you’ll discover:

* How Cassie has lost 2.5 stone (and counting…may need to change this bit), is ditching the baggy clothes, and has the energy to do more fun and memorable activities with the kids 

* How to reclaim your pre-baby body, even if your ‘babies’ are now at school

* How to get a flat stomach in a safe, effective way without starving yourself (so you can eat the food you and your family love and still lose weight…even if it is pinching your kid’s chocolate mini men biscuits)

*How I’ve helped hundreds of other mums in Wiltshire tone up and feel more confident in their new, more fashionable clothes

*How to guarantee your results and find success, even if everything else you’ve tried in the past has failed

To register, go here:


PS. Time is running out…we start 1-week on Tuesday and this is your chance to meet and learn from like-minded others…

​​​Including Fat Loss Mastery member, Cassie, who’ll be sharing her story on the ‘stage’


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