Gluten Free Spag Bowl

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​You know when you see something and it reminds you of a funny memory?

Well this happened on Thursday.

It was a few years that I said this to Mrs Fruci:

“The guy at the farmers market said he left the spaghetti squash I ordered with the TOOL guy at the market for us to pick up”

Unfortunately, Mrs Fruci translated my English to Yorkshire:

“The guy at the farmers market said he left it with the TALL guy at the market for us to pick up”

So no wonder Mrs Fruci couldn’t find the infamous, illusive and versatile “spaghetti squash”… as she couldn’t find the TALL guy..

and no wonder the guy at the farmers market looked a bit annoyed that I ordered spaghetti squashes and didn’t pick them up…

Anyway, I was in Waitrose on Thursday and I saw “it”. The infamous, illusive and versatile “spaghetti squash”.

And put together my “no” Spag bowl recipe that’s gluten free, high in fibre, filling and a great way to bulk out your plate without a ton of calories and carbs.

Instructions (serves 2 adults and 1 hungry baby):

1* Cut the ends of the spaghetti squash and then cut it in half

2* Scrape out the middle and the pips

3* Salt the inside and leave for 15 mins to dry it out

4* Oven cook for 30 minutes.

5* Allow to cool, push the edges in and use a fork to bring the spaghetti into the “bowl”

6* Top with your bolognese sauce, stick a fork in and enjoy
It’s tasty and “wife-approved”…which is saying something 😉

Ever tried it?

Matt “impasta syndrome” Fruci

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