Little Did I Know

“Your life will change forever”

^^ I’ll never forget being told this about 1,000,000 times before our first daughter was born.

Fast forward today, it’s nearly 3 weeks into this ‘two under two’ babies stuff.

And the funny thing is that no matter how many episodes of ‘One Born Every Minute’ you watch, how many parenting books you read, or how many half celebrity mummy’s you follow on Instagram …

Nothing can prepare you for it. And in fact, it might even make it harder…

Why am I bringing this up?

Well, right now, there is more information coming to us than ever.

Information from your phone telling you to ditch carbs and vote Brexit

Information from diet books which you haven’t implemented telling you to eat raw foods & smoothies and vote Brexit

Information from your friends, family, car on the radio…

AND information on social media telling you that eggs are now bad and vitamin D is pointless LOL

and because of this?

We have got so good at filtering to go super wide but NOT DEEP AKA not being able to find the information that is relevant to YOU and YOUR lifestyle 

I mean, how many diets have you done that didn’t fit YOU?

I’ll admit, I went through a stage reading about every diet out there without DOING

​​Waiting for this magic trick to come up simply because I thought that if I ever implemented on it and it did NOT work?

I would be a failure ….

The problem with this?

You do NOTHING…like 99% of others who don’t get the results they want.

Now, I’m not going to debate today about what the ‘best’ diet is…

But it is about thinking about your beliefs and whether you are holding on to an argument that what you believe is TRUE…

About your ‘willpower’?

About what you need to do to lose weight?

About how much time you have?​​​​​​

You see, I could sit here all day, ARGUE that Mrs Fruci should eat more vegetables or ARGUE about Brexit and politics…

But this would lead to a dead end road. It would be me trying to make myself feel better by feeding my ego…

I’m not quite sure how I ended up writing about this. But whether this made you laugh or pi55ed you off a bit…

I hope that it motivates you to do something for your health, fitness, mental health, family TODAY..

Because​​ no matter what diet book you get, course you do, nutritionist you talk to…

The value and results YOU get is determined on how much value you are willing to take from it…

And I can make this as easy as possible for you with shopping lists, meal plans, 1000’s of recipes, home workouts you can do in 5 minutes, daily motivational videos, messages to remind you…

But it still comes down to you 

Matt ‘​​​​​​you vs you’ Fruci

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