They Told Her This At Her Over 40s Check Up

Sometimes I am actually left speechless. Hard to believe, I know. If Mrs Fruci saw me saying this she’d sure to disagree, too.

But WOW…

I was chatting to one of the ladies on our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme who mentioned that at her over 40s check up at the doctors…

They told her that unless she was doing rowing or running…the exercise she did doesn’t count because it doesn’t work her cardiovascular system as you need to swear.

​​​​​​​​I am not sure whether to 😂  OR 😰😰

Now, at the time of writing this,  this lady has  gone from 11st 2 TO 9st 3 and gone from a 94cm waist TO 71.1cm..

all from doing muscle strengthening exercise and some cardiovascular work (10,000 steps etc)

​​​​So, here’s my problem with this (strap yourself in…)

right now, MOST of the UK is NOT doing any exercise. So, first off, if you have found something you enjoy? Keep doing that….as if you hate what you’re doing? You probably won’t keep it up.

Secondly, how much you sweat does not mean you burn more calories or have worked harder.

It is simply a way for your body to cool you down or a response to fear and stress <<< no wonder I used to sweat so much when public speaking lol

Plus, you sweat might evaporate more quickly in an air conditioned room. 

Long story short (which – according to Mrs Fruci – doesn’t exist once I open my mouth haha) 


Fat only crys when you find a way to control your overall food intake consistently and create a calorie deficit…

Which probably means that it has to fit your lifestyle so you don’t have to be in that ‘all or nothing’ mindset when faced with meals out at social events…

Just like myself and the ladies did at Dan’s Restaurant on Tuesday night in Marlborough (highly recommend by the way…food is awesome)​​​..

​​Truth is, if eating out makes you panic, you probably need a new diet

If you’re trying to find the ‘perfect’ fitness plan?

You’re probably overcomplicating this weight loss and toning up stuff and stopping yourself from doing the things you know you need to do to get the things you say you want.

😍 Like feeling more confident in your favourite clothes.

😍 Proving to yourself that you CAN do this 

😍 Being happy with what you see in the mirror

😍 Saying ‘yes’​​​​​​ to social events rather than being worried about friends and family thinking that you’ve let yourself go

😍 Being able to spend more time with the kids (and grandchildren) ​​and have more energy

^^^ all things that the ladies mention to me on our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme. 
I’d rather just be honest with you.

​​Because it’s often more than just ‘I want to lose weight and tone up’.

​​After all, weight loss alone won’t keep you going when you lose motivation

And last time I checked, there is more to life than that.

In fact, just being active, whether you are overweight or not, will help you live longer…

Matt ‘speechless…almost’ Fruci

PS. Whenever you’re ready…

here are 3 ways I can help you get in shape, build a healthy relationship with food, and ditch the ‘F it’ mindset:

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