Should exercise make you ache?

So with our brand new programme starting in Devizes last week

And our September programmes starting in Marlborough and Burbage

I had quite a few messages from the ladies.

some just starting out having not exercised for a while, others having exercised but not doing the stuff we do.

Funnily enough…

Some of the ladies said their muscles were telling them that they have worked

Whereas others asked

 ‘where should I feel it?’

‘does it work if I am not aching?’

So I thought I would answer this today in some short bullets:

1 – You do not need to feel achy for it to be working. …

Put it this way, how achy you feel is not just dependent on the workout

But also your recovery, nutrition and sleep…

In fact, I would go as far as saying that if you are not aching?

It might be beneficial for you because you more likely to do it again tomorrow

Go for your normal walk 

And keep up your daily activities

That you might not have done 

Had you been feeling achy..

And you might just stick to it for long enough to see the results you want to see..

Little caveat…

Progress is important.

But it isn’t about how fast or slow

Just the direction.

If you get 1% stronger, fitter each day?

You cannot lose.

2 – If you are aching, consider that your body will adapt –

For all your body knows,

The exercise that you do today

Was to run away from a lion…

So your body will make sure that tomorrow

Should you encounter a ‘lion’ again?

You will be more equipped to get away without feeling so achy.


You are now fitter.

This can take time.

And if you are too sore?

Just listen to your body.

Focus on recovery..

Give yourself permission to rest.

You do not have to do it all today.

3 – Here are my 4 unsexy, most boring recovery hacks 

1 – Get a portion of protein with every meal – lean meats, fish, dairy, eggs, beans, meat substitutes, soy, legumes, lentils…

2- Spend at least 7 hours in bed – this doesn’t mean sleep. But just rest time. And doesn’t have to be all at night time. 

It could include a power nap, some meditation, some reading in bed. 

Rest is a pre-requisite for success, NOT A REWARD…

3 – Drink enough water so you wee clear by noon.

I get you know what to do..

But still forget to drink water or maybe don’t like it?

Sugar free squash / adding some lemon or lime is all good.

Try grouping it with habit you already do. 

Something I do is have a glass of water before I have a coffee.


Because I rarely ever skip my coffee haha

Matt ‘achey breaky muscles’ Fruci

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