Am I weird?

You might not know this BUT..

I use an eye mask in bed…

Have a pint of blueberries when I feel a cold coming on…

Somehow forget to close cupboard doors I open…(As Mrs Fruci lets me know about)

Drink about 5 coffees a day (3 caffeinated)..

Workout mainly from home whilst on Daddy Day Care..

Bought Mrs Fruci a can of beer from a vending machine on our first date…

Don’t see the point of putting my shoes away as it’s quicker if I leave them at the door (Again, Mrs Fruci lets me know about this).

Had an eating disorder growing up…

Don’t always enjoy exercise (I like having exercised and the feeling I get after that)

^^^ And on that note, one of the ladies actually said to me the other day that the fact some of the other ladies say how they found it difficult to motivate themselves to get there actually made them realise that you don’t have to be super motivated all of the time…this is you vs you, after all. 

Often skip breakfast…

Had IBS for years until I stopped eating wheat and certain veggies / beans.

Have ‘white noise’ on in the background to help me sleep (we initially did it to help the babies sleep yet they don’t need it anymore and I think I still do haha)..

I could go on..

But the reason I bring this up 

Is because we all do things that are ‘normal’ to us

But completely ‘weird’ to someone else…

And if you think about it..

Given that it’s human nature to ‘please’ others

And ‘fit in’…

It begs the question:

How much of what you do is to please someone else rather than you?

Be it saying ‘yes’ to the glass of wine that you don’t actually want but everyone is drinking so you feel you should fit it

To having the biscuits offered to you because you feel it would be rude to say ‘no’..

And this isn’t about ‘good’ or ‘bad’ foods or having to give up foods.

This is actually just about self-awareness..

Being self-aware of why you do the things you do..

As once you get this?

And accept why you do things..

That’s when you can start to question your beliefs  

(that are thoughts that you have heard so many times you believe them to be true…)..

But I get your next question is ‘how’ do I do this?

Well, something I have done in my new book

(The 31 & A Half Day Habit Shift)

Is not only given you a checklist and a small habit / question to answer each day

So you can clearly see your triggers and perhaps learn more about you…

But also made it so that you don’t just nod your head and say ‘ye I do that’..

You actually put the focus on the DOING

So you can start to kickstart your exercise and eating habits…

And it doesn’t have to be complicated…

Start by writing the following quote down

and then write down every time you do it today:

“Today, I am looking forward to [insert one thing you like to do here]” 

And if you can’t think of one?

Great, make one up and do it..

As many times as you like..

I might be ‘weird’

But here are mine for today to help you:

1. Going on BBC Wiltshire tonight at 8pm

2. Picking the babies up from nursery (I love doing this) 

3. My youngest daughter is now 1 <<< I’ll sing happy birthday to her!

4. I’m going to have a 10 minute shut eye / nap / meditation time. 

5. I am going to have a coffee, no phone for 5 mins (that’s huge for me)

And on that note,

Do tune in to BBC Wiltshire tonight 8pm

If you would like to listen to something other than Brexit…

Matt ‘habits’ Fruci

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