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How to increase your energy (& motivation)

So now schools are back in full swing

I have the privilege of daddy day care duties increasing.

Which is amazing by the way.

Making slides with mattresses and the stairs (risk assessment is questionable …)

Finding myself constantly saying:


“Put your shoes on”

“you can’t take your scooter to bed”

I could go on…

And as fun as it is?

It is also exhausting..

I’m not sure why..

It just is…

But the things is…

A lot of the ladies say to me

That they don’t ‘have’ energy.

And that they don’t ‘have’ motivation. 

Which I get..

But the first thing I say is that 

You can’t just ‘have’ motivation..

You can’t just ‘have’ energy..

You have to CREATE IT..

Like, people will often say to me that I seem like I have so much energy…

But I am not too sure about this..

I just try to protect this…

And – yes – I say things like:

“I know working out is good for me and will give me energy but I can’t be bothered to do it”

“I know having a nap and a lie down will make me feel better but I cannot be bothered to do it”

^^ WHICH IS CRAZY, right?

So here are a few SMALLER actions that I do 

To help me create energy…

1-Get to bed by 10pm most days (I’m up by 5am ….)

2- Schedule a nap in every day

3-Prepare some protein based meals to keep me full up and so I don’t have to think about food the next day

4- Write things I appreciate every day (family, health, job I love, house, babies, ability to make choices, I could go on…)

5- Write down 3 things I did well every day

And you might say that these are a bit woowoo / happy clappy..

But if you say something enough times

You will probably be more likely to think that it is true.

Hear me out

Every belief you have 

Comes from a story / thought that you have heard so many times

You believe it to be true…

Like ‘breakfast being the most important meal of the day’

People think this is a given

Yet, there is no concrete evidence to say it is actually true…

I guess what I am saying here

Is that you have to be careful

About how you label yourself..

If you call yourself ‘lazy’, ‘too unfit’

You will look for evidence for this to confirm this..

But is this really true?

Are you really ‘lazy’?

Like, some of the ladies say this to me

And they have 3 kids, work full time, run the house..I could go on.

So don’t underestimate how you talk to yourself.

Remember, you are listening..

And what you say 

Might just rob you of your energy and motivation…

And this might not work for you..

But it definitely won’t work for you if you don’t try this..

After all, we often have favourite songs because of the words we hear.

That make us feel a certain way…

Food for thought…

Matt ‘energy’ Fruci

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