Secret Eater?

Sometimes I’d do it whilst I’m procrastinating and thinking about the work I had to do (whilst shoving food in my mouth)

Other times I would call it a ‘cheat meal’. I was going ‘off plan’ today.

But the thing I didn’t get at the time was that ​​my mindset of being ‘on’ or ‘off’ plan…


My subconscious habit of walking into the kitchen when putting off doing the task  I was doing

Was the problem…​​​​​​​​

You see, all or nothing was all I knew. Just like my personality  😂

And I still struggle with this ‘moderation’ stuff now.

​​But you know what helped me the most?

Reading and journalling…

In particular:

1) ​​writing down 3 things I did well the day before (this reminds that I’m actually doing OK despite all the things I have to do in the now)​​

2) Reminding myself of the things that I have…because sometimes you really do have some amazing things staring you right in the face ​…but you can’t see it…and you think that ‘food’ will give you more…

Anyway, today I’m off to deliver an education day for patients just diagnosed by their GP with Type 2 diabetes.

The thing is, most of them know what to do.

Even when you make it as simple as calories, veggies, fruits, lean proteins, wholegrains….

why is it still so difficult?

Well, life….

Because I get that it’s difficult fitting in work, looking after kids, hubby, sorting food for everyone else and that there never seems like much time (if any) for you.

All made worse when a someone tells you that you shouldn’t be eating that as you are on a diet lol

So, here’s my advice if you struggle with the odd binge, comfort eating session or secret eating. Try it if you like. Or feel free to ignore it.

1. Just notice how you feel when you find yourself going to ‘comfort’ eat?

^^^ If it happens so quickly that you can’t, look back at your day. Did you have tension? Where did you feel it? What happened? Was it a build? Something you are procrastinating on?  


2. Notice if the ‘comfort’ eating eases the tension / urge you have, at least in the short term?

3. Does comfort eating  provide you comfort or discomfort long term?

4. Ask yourself: What if that urge to eat to feel better WILL actually pass if you let it?

Not convinced? Don’t think it will work for you?

Well, wouldn’t it be fun to find out?

5. Did you know that every behaviour you do reinforces signals in your brain to make you want to prefer to do that behaviour again and again?

So, by comfort eating, am I telling my brain to want to do this more? Making it easier to do it again and again?

6) Is comfort eating actually DISCOMFORT eating?  After all, how do you feel AFTER ‘comfort eating’?

Does it take you closer to where you want to be, both mentally and with how you look and feel?

My advice to you today?

If you’re having a war in your head about ‘comfort eating’

Just start calling this so-called ‘comfort eating’… DIScomfort eating.

And I know what you’re thinking:

‘That won’t work for me’

But, all I know is that is 100% true if you don’t try it

And I’m not saying it will work. Everyone is different. I have NO idea what your personal challenges are.

But what I can say is that doing nothing and expecting things to change is insanity…

Matt ‘discomfort eater’ Fruci

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