10 Ways To Stay Full Up (Checklist)

It’s Saturday, which means that tonight I’ll be dancing with my 20 month old daughter to Queen (we will rock you) Hakuna Matata, and the circle of life…

(That’s if she still has energy after going to the fair)

But first, I just want to share with you some SIMPLE tips to help you beat hunger.

In fact, they are so simple you might think that ‘they won’t work for me’…

And they might not, but if you don’t try them, they definitely won’t work….
I just want to be honest with you and say there are no secret ‘hacks’

Be critical of those promising this ‘secret’…

(unless their secret is consistency sold in a bottle)

They remind me of Scar from the Lion King:

“stick with me and you’ll never be hungry again” he tells the hyenas…

Poor hyenas…

Anyway, here’s the checklist for beating hunger and developing a more positive relationship with food):

1. Have a glass of water at least every 2 hours today

2. Aim for vegetables at every meal (if you already do this, double up)

3. Aim for some protein at every meal (double up if you already do this) – dairy, eggs, meats, fish, quorn, beans, tofu

4. Chew more – count how many chews you currently do…and add 10

5. Set aside 20 minutes for a meal…notice how eating in the car rarely satisfies you? I could go forever…

6. Put your knife and fork down between bites

7. Drink some fizzy water / coffee in-between meals

8. Go for a walk

9. Use smaller plates

10. Put the veggies on your plate first, then protein and then carbs. 

Are there any you feel you can add in to your routine today?

Matt ‘

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