Screw (dis) Comfort Eating

The funny thing is that even when you do everything seemingly right putting babies to sleep…

This still doesn’t guarantee a good night’s sleep….

​​Teething, growth spurt, wind…

All things we cannot control..

Can keep a baby up..​​​​..

Why am I telling you this?

Well, just hold this thought throughout today about how you can do EVERYTHING right and sill not get the result you want…​​

Because it might just change the way you approach this comfort eating stuff.​​

One of the most common struggles I hear from ladies joining our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme is comfort / stress eating (and this was literally the theme of our live Question and Answer session the other night).

So, I just wanted to share these few points with you today:

1. You are not alone with this. And actually thinking that you are will probably make this beast grow even bigger…

2. If your comfort eating is triggered by a need for energy, where do you spend most of your time, energy and emotion ?

Is it:

a) The things you CANNOT influence or control: Worrying about the weather, Brexit, what others say or think about you

b) The things you influence: The weighing scales, fitness, health, family, friends?

c) The things you can CONTROL: The thoughts you CHOOSE to believe?  What you eat? How much you exercise? How you respond to situations?

The interesting thing about this is that we often spend so much time and energy on the things we cannot influence or control (what others think)…

That we’re exhausted and having nothing left for the things we CAN CONTROL…

You see, whether it is conscious to you or not, you have a way of dealing with stress and situations. Which may lead to a given behaviour, be it comfort eating or thinking “F   it, I can’t do this”

Are these just thoughts that you have chosen to believe? That are no so strong you don’t even question them?

3. If you feel your comfort eating is triggered by tiredness?

Try this for 7 days:

Download the app ‘headspace’ and try it for 5 minutes each day.. See what you notice.

4. KNOW that overcoming thoughts and beliefs that trigger comfort eating  is not going to be fixed overnight….

You’ll have to start the process again and again

(just like putting a newborn baby down to sleep 😂)

but the more you learn from these situations, the more awareness you get….

​​which is the first step to change.

Keep a diary if it helps: Where did you spend your energy and emotion? Was it on things you cannot control? Was there a trigger earlier on in the day?

Matt ‘growth spurt’ Fruci

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