The only secret detox you’ll ever need

I posted a testimonial last week from Female Fat Loss Mastery member, Julie

^^^ Who not only lost 2.5 inches from her waist and was visibly more toned during her first Module on her body transformation, but also went on to say:

“The biggest gain for me is knowing that I do not have to deprive myself of the things I love and with that in mind I know I will succeed.”

And since then

I’ve had a fair few messages from ladies asking me what Julie’s ‘meal plan’ is

As if they’re thinking that I have this SECRET food or diet that no one has ever discovered


The quick fix

You know, we throw money at gyms, new clothes, coffee, baby weaning books, beds that are supposed to make a crying baby smile and dance, and the latest thing that Angelina Jolie is doing (I believe she’s now eating bugs…)

But here’s the thing

the only secret you’ll ever need (in my opinion)

When it comes to your body, fitness, digestion, skin, relationships, productivity, energy…

Is this:

You have to be prepared to DO and ASSESS the simple, yet often uncomfortable things CONSISTENTLY 

Because if you’re not assessing, you’re guessing

You don’t get in your car without knowing where you want to go

You don’t just pick any old school for your kid to go to

Just like you don’t book your summer holiday without a little look at Trip Advisor 😉

And it’s for this reason why I get you to keep score

Because how do you know if you’re winning AKA what’s working if you’re not keeping score?

^^^ Don’t get me started on that new ‘let’s not keep score’ kids football thing…

With your food?



Fun…yes fun! When was the last time you did something FUN…for you?

Don’t get me wrong

I have the little tips and tricks to help you stay on track 

and make sure you do the work work regardless of your stories and beliefs that hold you back from getting the results you say you want 

But- ultimately – it comes down to those small, uncomfortable things done consistently 


of your fears, thoughts and feelings

Just like Female Fat Loss Mastery member, Marie, mentioned last week:

“So in early 2017, after a 5wk illness from just before Christmas…l heard of you, Matt. 

I read your Initial Request of Ladies over a certain Age Group (not weight! Tee hee) and Volunteered myself.

Just in 4weeks (1 of which was a pre-booked much needed holiday)

Im MUCH more better Mind-set. 

Your daily “fun(!)” Texts, Video clips and Friendly advice as well as “fun(!)” Exercises with amusing names…have begun a lot more than tone-up; weight loss and healthier lifestyle.

Its given me a reason to get up every week day, to get washed and dressed; to fuel the car and drive the 12miles and actually DO and yes, ENJOY the 45mins of exercise.

My friends have already noted the physical but more importantly the EMOTIONAL for the better changes in me. You’ve helped given me a purpose again. THANK YOU! 

Even though l STILL say “lve got a long way to go…” thanks to your Enthusiasm … l now, much more optimistically, add-on “but… lve also come quite a way already!”

I appreciate your work; your years of studying and your zest. Thank you Matt !”

And that’s what happens when you DO the work!

Ready to start your 12 week body transformation on my Female Fat Loss Mastery Programme?

Send me a message at and I’ll send over the details


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