No Scales March

I woke up

Did the business in the bathroom

And stepped on the scales

“2kg MORE than I was yesterday”

“Are YOU serious?”

All this despite:

* Eating your fruit and veggies

* Starting to exercise more

* And drinking your water

“Sod it…what’s the point?”

Sound familiar?

I mean, isnt it crazy how this ‘number’ can define YOU for the rest of the day?

The foods you eat…

How snappy you are with your other half for not putting the bins out…

How frustrated you get with the kids…

How annoyed you get your friend for not messaging you back even though it CLEARLY says that have ‘read’ it…

And it’s exactly why 

Team Fruci Fit

Are jumping on the #NoScalesMarch bandwagon

Because – as I’ve said  many times before – You only get results for DONE

So what’s the point in getting so caught up with the scales if you’re forgetting the things you NEED to do to feel GREAT?

So, my question to you:

Are you in for #NoScalesMarch?

Matt ‘marching on’ Fruci

PS. if you’re wondering how you can measure progress…

Try your step count, water intake, 5 a day, and how many meals you prepared from scratch

^^^ Just a few things that can lay the foundations to fit back into your favourite clothes without actually ‘dieting’

PPS. If you want to learn more about why your weighing scales went up today, I go through everything for you here

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