‘The family love them, too’

A review I recently got from Swindon Town Footballer, Tom Smith:

^^^ Those who can’t do teach…the saying goes…

“With all the recipes and meal options i can comfortably plan my week having full confidence in what i’m eating, this also saves me time. 

The meals are very easy and simple to make, and the family love them too!”

And my favourite part:

“I can now make better choices when eating out with family and friends giving me the flexibility to eat the foods that i like without going off plan.”

Because having a plan is one thing

This is all well and good

But without the flexibility and ‘know-how’ to adapt this (for when $#*! hits the fan)

You’re doomed for failure (once again)

And it reminds me of what Female Fat Loss Mastery member, Julie, said to me last week about feeling more confident about eating out with friends and family

Because THIS is what makes it sustainable

And the bit that really puts a smile to my face?

When members look back at their pictures just 4 weeks on from when the started and see this:


And that’s all I got for you today

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