How the Clean 9 diet really works…

“Matt, I’m thinking of trying this fat burner…”

“Have you heard of this cleanse? What do you think?”

A few questions I’ve had recently.

And the old me would’ve said:

‘Save your money…and your toilet rolls’

But the new me?

Well, I like to leave this stuff up to you

Because ever since I’ve said something along the lines of:

‘Go and spend £99 on it and come back if it doesn’t work….’

^^^ And by not working I mean you lose weight and keep it off

I’ve managed to reach and help more people get more energy and feel more confident in their favourite clothes than ever before (which I’m forever grateful for)

And all without crazy, low calorie diets for MOST people (because they DO have their place by the way…more on that another day)

Because in actual fact…

the best way to learn what to do and what NOT to do

Is to actually go to the extremes and try them yourself

^^^ Most – if not all- of the members on my Female Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation programmes have done a detox, cleanse, or joined a slimming club…which all DO work by the way…if they fit your lifestyle

So, how do cleanse or detox programmes actually work?

Well, they get you to go from what you’re doing right now

^^^ Usually nothing. Maybe it’s post Christmas. Or worse. 2 months post Christmas and you still haven’t started.

To a severely restrictive, low calorie diet

With ‘banned’ foods and ‘free’ foods

Which makes you think ‘magic, fat burning food’ and ‘bad fat gaining food’

^^^ it kind of becomes ‘cultish’

So why do people lose 9 lbs in 3 days doing this stuff?

1) You go to the toilet… A LOT – they often contain laxatives or a bucket load of fibre so lose a lot of fluid and minerals

2) You eat less which means you have less food in your digestive system… so you weigh less

3) You lose a lot of stored energy (carbohydrates) from your muscle and liver…so you weigh less

Which brings me to what happens when / if you go back to eating normally again…

You gain much of the weight back

I mean, SOME of your weight loss – maybe a bit – will be FAT LOSS

But most? 

Water and stored energy, I’m afraid

It’s actually physiologically IMPOSSIBLE

To lose 9 lbs of fat in a day or so

weight, yes…

But who cares about your weight if you’re fitting into your new clothes and getting compliments from friends and family left, right and centre asking you how you did it?

^^^ which you must thank them for, by the way! too many of us never take a compliment (Billy…cough…cough)

So why is not possible to lose ALL fat that quickly?

Well, consider when we were hunter gatherers 

^^^ that reminds me, my daughter is off to meet her Great Grandad this weekend…awwwwwww!

We may have to go for long periods WITHOUT food

^^^ Yes, that may have meant missing your mid morning ‘innocent’ Go Ahead bar

So, your hormones would make sure that your fat cells did NOT release too much fat (energy)

To help you last through cold winters without ‘innocent’ Go Ahead bars that weren’t growing on the trees

So, in summary:

You can go and spend £99 and try a cleanse or a detox

Or join a slimming club

they clearly work for some

But they’re not without their flaws

^^^ Which is why so many of us pile the weight back on

And this is exactly what I’m on a MISSION to solve with my Female Fat Loss Mastery Programme

Matt ‘saving you toilet rolls’ Fruci

PS. Are you seriously ready to start your 12-week body week body transformation on my Female Fat Loss Mastery Programme?

If yes, send me a message over to and I’ll send over the details for you

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