Update from Annette

I got this message from Annette last week before we had our get together with the ladies on our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme at Dan’s Restaurant in Marlborough (if you haven’t been there, check it out…lovely food):

“Dear Matt, 

Just had to share these photos with you. I’m wearing the same t shirt today as on the photo all of 8 years ago. 😄😄😄 It’s also looser than it was! 

Thanks for all your advice and positivity when I’ve needed it. So pleased I got in touch with you. I’ve got my confidence back and feel so much stronger and toned. 

You so are a magician but there’s no smoke and mirrors just great results!

Looking forward to celebrating with you and the other lovely Fruci Fit ladies on Tuesday.

Annette “

​​Well done, Annette!

Best part is that Annette has done NOTHING magical..

Actually, I lie.

What she has done has been consistent. Which is MAGICAL. 

If you want to see her transformation, check it out here:

Annette’s Transformation


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