Proof diet Reverses Type 2 Diabetes?

Did you see the headlines yesterday?
“Proof that new diet CAN reverse diabetes: Major study shows patients put on 850-calorie soup and shake regime DOES beat type 2 condition
Pretty cool.
In fact, I actually did my own postgrad research at Oxford Brookes in on diet and prediabetes…
So it’s exciting to see this bring the power of nutrition and lifestyle to the forefront…
Rather than simply drugs etc…
But before I go into whether this might work for you?
I just want you to know that these people went from eating up to 3000 calories a day to
850 calories a day…
Which begs the question:
Is it really surprising?
I guess the interesting part is that some people only lost 5kg 
showing that it is clearly NOT all about how much weight you lose…
But anyway, I had a question yesterday:
“Matt, what do you think of using a few shakes to help me lose weight?”
Do you want my honest answer? 
Of course, you do…
Well, like most things in nutrition, fitness and weight loss…it really depends.
I can’t really say it’s wrong or right for you without knowing your situation.
So, I’m going to summarise by considering these 4 things below so you can make a decision:
1) Convenience: 
Starting a weight loss plan can be difficult, especially when you have to change loads at once. If you’re the type of person who:
– hates preparing and weighing foods
– Will go into the F it mindset if it’s not perfect
Then using a shake or two MAY be better for you to help you lower your calories 
I’m obviously an advocate of WHOLEFOODS. It’s why I have 1000s of simple recipes all calculated for your nutrient needs by me and a Registered Dietitian in our Fit For Life Programme
And I get that meal planning can seem quite time consuming. 
Which is why our Nutrition System does this pretty much for you (and your shopping list)
2) Quality of nutrition. What about deficiencies?
So, one of the concerns is that by having a shake, you may not get the nutrients you need.
Now, this might be true if you go for one of those sugary meal replacement shakes…(although many do have vitamin supplements thrown in)
But a way around this is to make it yourself.
For example: 
1 handful of berries
1 scoop of chocolate protein powder  (like whey protein or hemp protein)
250 ml unsweetened almond milk 
Blend and you’re good to go!
So, as you can see, this is pretty nutritious, right? 
In fact, you can add some frozen spinach and I can guarantee you won’t even taste it..
It may even end up being more nutritious as you can hide veggies in and get the nutrition in even when you’re busy 
(when you’d usually grab a few biscuits)
3) Are shakes ‘natural’?
This is another question I get, especially with regards to whey protein or vegan protein powders like hemp, pea or soya. 
Now, whey is naturally found in ‘natural’ yoghurt, milk, breast milk, cows milk, formula milk…I could go on.
As for vegan protein powders?
Again, it’s created simply by a process that isolates the protein from peas or soya beans, for example. 
It’s no more ‘unnatural’ than eating things like peanut butter (which is blended and crushed), tomato puree, olive oil (processed food, right?).
You can actually get Hemp protein from the new Packaging Not Included Shop in Marlborough :-)​​​​
4) Is it sustainable? Will I put the weight back on?
It depends…
On the support you have.
The stage of your life you’re in, what’s important to you and whether you even want to do this…
Like, this doesn’t have to be this all or nothing thing..
Something is better than nothing..
So even if you just swap your latte for a white americano tomorrow?
That’s a win and a step in the right direction…
Worry about getting from A to B FIRST…
In summary…
What these shakes and soup diets really tell us is that lowering calories helps…
Which you knew already
So I guess it comes back down to finding something that works for YOU
So you can avoid any nutrient deficiencies and make this weight loss and fitness stuff convenient for you, your lifestyle, and your family 
which makes shakes and soups just a tool in the toolbox. 
That you can you use if you want. 
Sometimes. Every day. Once a week? Once a month? When you need a kickstart?
Either way?
It’s about personalising this stuff for you. 
And – dare I say it – have a bit of fun doing it…
Just like we do in our Fit For Life Programme
Matt ‘it depends’ Fruci

PS. You can grab a free copy of my book HERE

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