I just want something I can stick to

So I noticed yesterday morning that my boxing pads and gloves were mixed in the same bag…

​​rather than in separate bags…one for boxing gloves and one for pads…

Which – as the ladies know – makes me get a bit uncomfortable haha

And it’s strange as I don’t feel the same about shutting cupboard doors at home

Or putting coffee back in the cupboard

^^^ As Mrs Fruci reminds me about haha

​​​​​It’s like some things I CHOOSE to want to have control over 

And other things I’m just not bothered about…

So what’s this got to do with ANYTHING​​​​?

Well, I was talking about those shake diets and diabetes yesterday

And had a message the other day from someone who

just wants to find something they can stick to.

They’ve lost weight before

They’ve tried the usual diets, shakes and slimming clubs

But haven’t found anything that they can actually stick to

for when something comes up AKA meals out and LIFE just gets in the way…

And I’m not saying this is easy to do …

But something that we found was that they needed a bit more structure, a plan and some routine…

And although slimming clubs and shake diets did this?

They felt like a FAILURE for when life got in the way

You know, meals out, not sticking to a plan, having food that’s not on the plan etc…

All things that are actually just part of your lifestyle…

And that maybe you don’t actually want to change them because they make you happy?

Which begs the question:

Is the diet fit for your lifestyle?

You see, if you can’t go on holiday and have meals out without feeling guilty?

You probably need a new diet.

Maybe you’ve always been told that you have to be ‘on it’ or ‘off it’

Like me and my boxing gloves that have to go in the boxing glove bag haha​​

Well anyway, here’s a few things I recommend for when life gets in the way:

1) Enjoy your time and accept it may slow your progress – so you put on a few lbs…they’ll be back off as soon as you go back to it, especially if you have laid down new habits and routine that fit your lifestyle. 

2) Choose which social events you are REALLY going to enjoy and others where you’ll make some small compromises-

For example, we’re all off out for a curry (to the Palm) pretty soon for a little get together. I could quite easily go for poppadoms and a dish which isn’t so creamy like a tandoori or shashlik to compromise…

3) Control the meals you can control – if you all eat together in the evening and don’t want to change too much then? Could you change the meals you are in control of? Like your snacks, brekkie and lunch?

This is why we have 1000s of simple recipes in our nutrition system all calorie counted for you (and will even send you a shopping list for them)

4) Ask yourself whether you are really missing out if you are simply aligning your actions with your goals?

5) Remind yourself that HEALTH is more than just weight loss, it’s your mind, too…if you think you’ve failed because you’ve eaten a certain food? eaten out? Or put on a few lbs? Is it your approach that is failing you? Are you putting healthy habits into place?

What if next time you felt like a failure you asked yourself:

What am I willing to do about it and when? “

Rather than wasting energy on beating yourself up for ‘failing’…

Would you have more clarity right there and then on what you need to do and what is important to you?

See how much more in control you are when you speak to yourself like this? 

Matt ‘control freak’ Fruci 

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