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Planning for Christmas?

Dinner at 5pm, bath at 6pm, story at 630 pm, tucked in by 640pm…

^^^ That is the PLAN that ensures babies are down and I can leave on time for our evening sessions…

And – as boring as it sounds – planning ahead of time

is actually a pre-requisite for success in anything. 

And not just for feeling better and getting more energy…

Think about it, we PLAN everything that is important to us: 

birthdays, holidays, Christmas etc etc. 

YET, when it comes to nutrition and exercise (something that has been shown to help people reduce depression, anxiety, medications, blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes risk…I could go on)

 we like to pretend we don’t have to plan for success with it.

Like we can wing it…

Imagine trying to ‘wing’ Christmas…(pun intended)…???

As the saying goes from Brian Moran:

“A goal/vision without a plan is a pipedream”.

Because – ultimately – we are just left with willpower…

And anything you do where you simply reply on willpower?

Is going to be more difficult..

Especially when you throw in these darker mornings and evenings

Where the hot chocolate and marshmallows is SOOO much more rewarding than getting your trainers on and getting back in your car ready for exercise…

I get that..

It’s why we have accountability partners inside our programme if you need more accountability to do the things you probably know you need to do…

(as if I wasn’t enough haha)

But with a plan?

You have fewer decisions to make..

Which means you are left with more willpower…

As Dr Pathrudu states:

“All persons with tremendous willpower have a few traits in common. First, they plan ahead.

They have a daily plan and a long term plan outlining exactly how they are going to achieve their goal. 

The majority of people don’t plan their activities and it leads to dissipation of energy and time spent moving in the wrong direction.”

It’s no wonder we are exhausted…

And I don’t mean you have to go about planning your whole life…

even if you just focus on ONE thing you will do TODAY 

That if you do?

Makes everything else easier…

For me?

It’s my workout

That is non-negotiable..

It makes me feel good..

I get more energy

I eat better

I don’t rely on food to give me a pick me up

I sleep better

I am just a better human to be around

(ask Mrs Fruci haha)

I sometimes include the babies too

Just like I did here:

And it’s why I structure that in and work around that.

Even if it is 5 minutes or so

Like this workout here:

Matt ‘One thing’ Fruci