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No, I’m not on about the fireworks

But our friends…

Who seem to be shouting so loud…

None of us can hear anyone else talking…

In fact, they would be great in a general election…


I’m talking about..

Sweet potatoes…

Because of the amount of times they seem to cause such confusion…

Resulting in ladies coming to me and saying things like:

“I just can’t lose weight. I swapped potatoes for sweet potatoes as I know they’re supposed to be better for me. I don’t really like them, though. I just eat them anyway”

And I get this a lot

That is…Your BELIEF that a certain food is ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

Truth is, by believing that sweet potatoes are better for you than white potatoes…White potatoes WILL make you gain weight…

Not because they’re actually more flabbifying <<< just made up that word.

But because your belief that white potatoes are ‘bad’ for you makes you think you failed

And results in you ‘self-sabotaging’

^^ which isn’t really a thing by the way because every we do, we do for a reason…so what is causing you to self sabotage?


Reaching for the biscuits 

or if you’re more exotic? The minty Aero?

And the ‘all-or-nothing’ ‘starting again on Monday’ mindset that gets in your way.

So I’m here to tell you that you CAN eat white potatoes…

And be healthy, drop some weight and feel good…

^^^ That’s if you prefer to eat them, of course. I want you to enjoy your food…

So, guess what?

Whether you eat a sweet potato or a white potato

It will have ZERO difference to your waistline…

But what about ‘sugar’ you ask?

Well, sweet potato actually has more ‘sugar’ in it

about 5 times the amount to be precise…

Does this mean white potatoes are ‘better’?


Sweet potato has slightly more fibre which SLOWS down the release of the sugar

Aren’t sweet potatoes more nutritious though, Matt?

Sweet potatoes have more fibre and vitamin A

You got me, there.


White potatoes are higher in iron, magnesium and potassium


White potatoes have been shown to be good for your gut health

^^^ which may play a role in how often you’re fighting off the lurgy…which since my daughter has gone to nursery…has been something I’ve been working on.

The real reason why your good old white potatoes get an absolute ‘mashing’ by the Daily Mail?

Well, if science says fries and pizza lead to fat gain

And fibre leads to weight loss?

The Daily Mail say white potatoes are bad and sweet potatoes are good.  ​​​​​​​​​​​

Bottom Line 

Simply swapping – or  ‘FORCING DOWN’ as one of the ladies inside our Pre-Christmas Kickstart Programme – white potatoes for sweet potatoes

Will make zero difference to your waistline..

It’s why our nutrition system is flexible

And gives you the CHOICE

To choose the foods your ENJOY

Rather than the ones you ‘believe’ you should eat to ‘be good’ and not feel ‘guilty’..

Of course, if you prefer sweet potatoes …eat them

I actually prefer them, personally. 


It does depend on what the family, boss (AKA Mrs Fruci) and social life throws at us.

Because that’s what a sustainable, healthy eating plan is about in my opinion.

Giving yourself the CHOICE to eat the foods you love…

Sure, compromises have to be made if you want to look and feel different…

But I’m not a fan of making unnecessary ones just so I ca show off to Jane in the office that I am on this new diet where I eat cauliflower rice and sweet potato pies, which makes me superior…

Because the best diet in the world is the one you CAN DO…

And – like I always say – there’s a difference between CHOOSING not to have a certain food and saying ‘”I CAN’T’ eat that food because it is bad for me”.

Matt ‘wannabe spud muffin’ Fruci