Paula Puts Diabetes Into Remission

So I wrote a post on Facebook the other day about mindset and diabetes…and got a comment from Paula (who I worked with 4 years ago):

Well done, Paula…

(After all, consuming information does NOTHING for your health or diabetes….it’s the DOING that counts)

Anyway, a few common questions I get are:

“Can I reverse diabetes?”

I’m scared of getting diabetes. What are the best things to eat?”

The good news?

You CAN put type 2 diabetes into remission. 

There’s no magic trick. But in many cases it is about creating a calorie deficit and losing BODY FAT..

However you do this, be it through that 600–800 calorie meal replacement shake diet that has been shown to help.




a more steady approach that helps you lose fat and create long-lasting habits that help you keep you fat off.

Either way, you have to do what works for you 

Now, this does depend on your situation, how long you’ve had it for, the cause, medications etc….

and also depends on your HABITS…

Stop doing the habits that put the diabetes into remission?

And you’re probability of it coming back again is increased and likely…

you see, you can do a quick fix diet and get great results….

But what happens if you don’t keep up the habits?

This is why something I talk about with a lot fo the ladies I work with are how taking control of your environment will make it less about WILLPOWER…

And less about not having enough time…

What I’m referring to is your DECISIVE moment. This is the moment that you make a choice which dictates the subsequent actions that you do that either say :

a) Align your actins with your goals

b) Take you further away from your goals.

Here are THREE examples I want you to focus on today:

1) Have you got a water bottle with you all day and alarms on your phone to remind you to drink water every hour?

(important to help with hunger, skin, ENERGY, fat loss, productivity, health, organs, skin)

2) If you say you want to eat healthily, have you got the ingredients, recipes, meals or snacks you can have on the go to make sure of that?

(try keeping a piece of fruit like an apple in your car so that if you’re on your way home from work, starving hungry, you at least have something before you go into your house and raid the cupboards)

​​3) If you say you want to sleep better, are you having a bath before bed? Turning your phone off a few hours before bed? Reading a book before bed? Have black out curtains? Do some headspace?

BONUS (as this is mine right now):

I want to floss my teeth every day…yet UNLESS I put the dental floss next to the sink it does NOT happen.

Can you see how powerful that is ?

Just moving the dental floss from the cupboard to the sink changes what I do because I am on autopilot in the decisive moment…​​​​​​​​​​

I want to help you. I don’t just want to give you more information. So let me know TODAY, one habit you are going to work on and how you are going to do it?


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