Not such a good idea after all…

So we went for a picnic last week 

One the beach in Weymouth…

Sounded like such a good idea at the time…

Sun was out…

Sandy beach…

Kids having a great time…

Just beautiful …

We originally sat on the benches on the pavement near the beach

But couldn’t resist the lure of the beach…

we’re not at the beach often after all…

Thing is though…

When you’re eating with two toddlers..

It doesn’t take long before

The houmous is seasoned with sand

The guacamole is tasting grainier by the mouthful

And the chicken now looks like it’s deep fried…in sand haha

But here’s the thing…

If we would have just settled for having the picnic on the benches?

I would have spent the whole time 

Complaining to Mrs Fruci

That we should have had the picnic on the beach.

The fear of missing out they call it…

Grass is greener on the other side, they say…

So why am I sharing this with you?

Well, it reminds of what we do when it comes to 

getting in shape, dropping a dress size (or 2) and improving your fitness…

We also think about what would be ‘the best’ diet

The ‘best’ fitness programme..

And worry that if we do one diet

That we might have wasted our time 

Wondering if we should have tried the one our friend was doing…

Thing is though

Is that all this does is 

Make us procrastinate and delays us taking action…

You see, when you take action and DO

You start to learn what DOES work

But – more importantly – what does NOT work..

Why is this more important? 

Well, you then get clarity and certainty (which we are all secretly seeking) 

In what we are doing..

So instead of sitting there wishing that I was having a picnic on the beach whislt sitting on the bench?

Next time I won’t be so bothered about it…and might just enjoy my food on a bench or put down 25 towels haha

Just like one of the ladies said to me this week

After trying a low carb diet and losing a ton of weight.

She put a bit back on and found it VERY hard..

But what has she taken from it?

Well, she can use it as a ‘tool in the toolbox’

To help her hunger (as she didn’t have to snack and reduced her calories so she could enjoy her food eating out at the weekend)

So was it time wasted even though she put some weight back on?

Of course not…

She now has clarity and more certainty on what works for her.

So I’ll finish with this

All I can say is 

That the only thing I can give you certainty about

Is that if you do nothing?

Nothing will change for the better.

Matt ‘certainty’ Fruci

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