Only 13% actually do this

No, I’m talking about the fact

13% of people actually like going to work.

(which could be the cause of many issues, including happiness…) 

But I’m actually talking about the fact

Only 13% of people hit the higher recommended target intake of protein (1.2g of protein per kg of bodyweight)

To help you reduce your risk of muscle loss, strength and ultimately 

Loss of independence as we age…

Which are all things that will make us feel better.

And – ultimately – this is the thing that most of the ladies come to me saying they want..

To feel better…

And if you’re thinking it’s too late?

I’ll quote my brother-in- law who actually studies this stuff (healthy ageing)

“There’s no better time to start than NOW, regardless of age. And the earlier you start, the better” 

^^^ Referring to protein and muscle strengthening exercises

Because ultimately 

I get that it might seem like effort to do TODAY…

But we often forget about the cost of INACTION…


If you do nothing?

What happens?

To your health?

Muscle, strength, fitness, wellbeing, independence? 

I know this sounds a bit deep.


It’s going into this area.

That reminds me of my WHY.

And I get a lot of leverage and motivation here

(something many of the ladies I work with struggle with)

That I want to be there for my kids…

And family..

And have soooo many things I want to do in life

In work, with family…

This isn’t just about looking better (which is nice, too)

But about doing the things I want to do 

And being grateful for the CHOICES that I get to make today…

And – sure – some things you cannot control…

Life can throw 💩 at you…

Out of the blue

I get that from losing my mum at an early age.

But I’d rather not have any regrets.

Do what I can today 

To be more productive so I have more time to spend time with my kids

To be fitter so I have the energy to do the things I want to do

To create space, mentally, to handle problems that arise every, single day.

To have the confidence (that comes from doing) to SHOW (rather than tell) 

My kids how to be happy…

(which is all that really matters)


Bit of a tangent right there

All stemming from protein haha

But I hope you get my point

Matt ‘protein’ Fruci

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