Eat more to tone up?

So, one thing I noticed when taking my daughter to Cotswold Wildlife Park earlier in the year

was that the goats are CONSTANTLY on the lookout for food. 

And – it seemed like – they were being fed  & eating all day…

I guess it’s like what happens when we go to an all you can eat buffet, right?

You see, when trying to lose weight, hunger can make it more difficult. 

And it’s why the science has looked at this and found what the most filling foods are:

* Protein

* Fibre / veggies

* High volume foods that contain a lot of water like soups, protein shakes and stews

You see, you may have heard ‘nutrition’ / weight loss gurus / and even me, say this:

“Eat more and lose weight” 

Now, without any context…

this is completely WRONG. 

Because if you eat too many calories, you will not lose weight…

But if you ‘eat more’ of the super filling, higher volume foods (like the ones above)?

You will feel like you are more full up and satisfied and ‘feel’ like you are ‘eating more’…

Now you may be eating more volume of food (which looks like a lot)? 

But to lose weight / fat this still means lower calories.


I could have a Fudge Hot Chocolate and a some caramel shortbread at 600 calories and feel starving an hour or so later. 

Switch this for a skinny latte (which is 150 calories) and then have, say, a chicken fajita wrap (300 calories) and I’m at around 450 calories 

And have satisfied my hunger..

You’ll feel like you are ‘eating more and losing weight’ because you have more food volume 

but lower calories. 

So going back to the story of the ‘greedy goats’…

my point is that it can be misleading to follow your hunger signals…

because certain types of foods can keep you fuller than others even though the calories are the same.

Just like, when someone brings a cake into the office because it is FRIDAY and 

you feel ‘hungry’ all of a sudden…haha

You see, you cannot really expect your hunger signal to tell you to stop eating cake…

It’s bloody delicious…

If I listen to my body?

I will eat the whole thing haha

So rather? 

Just be aware of this. Enjoy when you CHOOSE to have it 

And know that you are making a choice to do this.

And you will need to make conscious decision to choose how much you eat.


THERE IS research that eating more calories can help with WEIGHT loss..


Well, ​​​2 scenarios:

1) If someone has been dieting for a while, going through a stressful period etc.. and increases calories…

​​This can actually decrease water retention and help with weight loss

2) Eating more calories may help someone STICK to the diet for longer, which means they get better results 

​​So rather than trying to eat 1000 calories for a few days then blowing out for the rest of the week​​​​, averaging out at 3000 a day even though they ‘stuck to 1000 calories’ on 3 days….

They actually give themselves MORE food and calories

So that they:

1 Don’t feel the need to binge

2 Avoid the on/off F it mindset when they have weekends and social events

3 Get clarity on what actually works or doesn’t work FOR YOU – as otherwise you just keep stopping and starting. 

This way, you can actually see what your body does by eating certain amounts of foods..

So, yes…

You can lose weight by eating more..

But – as always – it depends on YOU…

What you eat, your lifestyle, and 

What you are willing to do 


To get the results you say you want.

So I guess you could say

That life is a game of choices…

And you are in control…

Matt ‘goat to be kidding me’ Fruci

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