Best foods to avoid Type 2 diabetes?

So I’m doing a talk at Eldene Medical Centre in Swindon this week for

People diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

Now, as you can imagine, this often results in questions :

“What are the best foods to avoid diabetes?” 

“Do you have any diabetic friendly recipes?”

Often, this has come about from reading conflicting stuff on websites, usually about carbs and sugar causing Type 2 diabetes. 

Something that many of the ladies on our programme find, too.

Often saying things like:

“I eat healthily, there’s nothing I can change with my diet”

So here’s a quick summary of the important MYTHS you need to know about diet and Type 2 diabetes …

(both preventing and avoiding)

(DISCLAIMER: this is providing you are not on medication that puts you at risk of going low with your blood sugar levels (a hypo) as you will need to speak to your GP / nurse about adjusting medication before dietary changes):

1. “ONLY eat slow digesting, low GI foods if you have diabetes”-

This comes from when people focus on how single foods raise your blood sugar. 

Forgetting that we eat meals, not foods. 

So, when you combine carbs with fibre (veggies) and some protein (say lean meats, eggs, yogurt, quorn, beans etc), this lowers how quickly your blood sugar goes up…

So, essentially, looking for low GI foods is pretty pointless if you eat MEALS

and create a calorie deficit (which will help you lose fat and potentially improve blood sugar levels)

2. “Don’t eat carbs if you have diabetes” 

This often comes from the Daily Mail (and others) glorifying studies into extreme headlines based on a study showing 

that SLIGHTLY lowering carbs may help. 

Why? Because it might help you lower calories. 


The average person eats 47% carbs in their diet. 

These studies gave people less than 40%. This is just a slight change. It’s not extreme. It’s not zero carbs. 

And shows that you don’t have to go cold turkey (and in fact, for some, going cold turkey can make things worse…making you crave more carbs.. so again…it’s doing what works for you)

3) “Eat little and often if you have diabetes” – 

People often say that this prevents hunger as lower blood sugar levels cause hunger. 

This is actually not true. 

And for some people, eating little and often makes them blooming starving…

So, they actually find it EASIER if they eat fewer meals, not just in terms of the fact you don’t have to think about food all day

but because they can eat the foods they love at these meals rather than snacking like a pigeon…


There’s no magic trick. 

It’s about your overall food intake, calorie deficit and losing body fat.

Whichever way you choose to do this?

Is the right diet for you, be it through that 600–800 calorie meal replacement shake diet that has been shown to help


a more steady approach that helps you lose fat and create long-lasting habits that help you keep you fat off.

Either way, you have to do what works for you 🙂

And ask the question:

“What am I willing to do?”

^^^ as this will give you the answer to what will be more sustainable for you

Matt ‘myth buster Fruci

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