Mrs Fruci Files For Divorce?

I was packing the car

Putting all the boxing gloves and equipment I needed for our morning session on our programme

And I noticed that there were blue footprints all over the carpet 😱😱

Either there was a smurf following me around 


I’d stepped on to the chalk that my 2 year old daughter uses outside on the path…


Not only do I now hold the record for most number of cupboard doors left open

But have I now stained the carpet?

Luckily, the carpets did not stain and – as I write this – me and Mrs Fruci are still married.

Happily married, I should say 😉

But here’s where I really noticed something interesting about myself

You see, I said to myself that “I didn’t have time” to clear up the chalk

Yet I had time enough time to

“Accidentally” step in the chalk 

bring it in the house AGAIN…

And try to scrub it out of the carpet.​​

Yep, I put my foot in it…AGAIN

(as I do all too often)

Why am i sharing this?

Well, the thing I was putting off doing

Took less effort and time to actually DO than avoiding it and dealing with the consequences….

You see, we think that putting the thing we need to do off will make our life easier. 

But the truth Is, it just gives us this “false lift” 

Which doesn’t last long..

Leaving us in the exact same position (or worse)

Stressing, putting it off, beating ourselves up for feeling that we need to do it but can’t…

So my advice to you today?

Whatever you’re putting off. 

Do it.

Don’t worry about what the easiest way to do it is yet.

​​You’ll figure that out by…

you guessed it

DOING it​​​​

Just remember:

“The easiest way to do it today, is to do it”

Matt ‘happily married’ Fruci

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