1 step forward, 2 steps back

I must have jinxed it when i posted about how my train was actually on time…
I was in Newcastle last week getting my learn on and creating loads of new stuff for our programme.
It’s great to get out and meet other people doing similar stuff to me and learn from them.
That’s how you improve, right?
But when it got to the end of the day
I was offered a lift back to a metro station closer to where i needed to go
Which meant I could save a 10 minute walk.
Although I debated saying ‘no’ as I actually needed to stretch my legs & have a walk..
I still said yes.
out of pure convenience…Or so I thought.
It turned out that when I got to the train station.
The line was closed and I had to wait for a train to go back to where I was
To then get the train back…
Talk about one step forward, 2 steps back.
And it’s similar to what I hear from ladies everyday looking to kickstart their health, fitness and the way they feel.
They know what to do. Start something and get some good results
But just don’t stick to it.
Old habits creep back in.
Self sabotaging thoughts come in..
And we’re back to where we started.
Just like I was in Newcastle.
And it’s why something I teach inside my 4-week Kickstart Programme
Is that your current way of thinking will only get you so far.
And how challenging your beliefs (which are thoughts that you choose to believe in such a powerful way that your behaviour confirms to them)
Creates new healthy habits that you may never have thought you had the willpower or motivation to create …
Just like Julie did here 
Keeping the weight off even 3 years later, transforming her body shape and making this healthy and fitness stuff fit for her lifestyle
(Rather than some quick weight loss thing you do for a few weeks to lose a few lbs again).
Matt “one step forward, two steps backwards” Fruci

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