Motivation doesn’t just disappear

So my 11 month old daughter is now at the age where she is


That she doesn’t have..

Basically, whatever I give to her, she doesn’t want.

Whatever I have, Mrs Fruci has, or my 2 year od daughter has?

She wants…

Now luckily, there are plenty of distractions around

That take her attention AWAY from what she wants…

But the thing about DISTRACTIONS?

It’s this exact thing that HAMPERS my progression 

And many of the ladies who come to me…

The fact that we start something off really well

But then struggle to keep going 

And often lose motivation. 

But the good news?

Your motivation doesn’t just appear and disappear…

You are motivated at the start because you put energy on it…

And then you get distracted…

It could be due to work, family, other people…

But we simply stop putting our attention on our intentions…

So what do I suggest?

I’d ask yourself a question in the morning and write this down:

“ What do I want to achieve?”


^^ Write this down to remind yourself of what you want and put your attention on your intentions for the day

“What am I willing to do about it TODAY?”

^^^ Write this down to put your attention on it your intentions


At the end of the day?

Go back to what you wrote down…

And ask:

“Did you do it?”

And don’t worry if you didn’t…

Because for me?

If your attention is consistently on it?

You will eventually be 

Unable and no longer 

Willing to put up with this… 

After all…

As my coach says to me:


^^^ ouchies….

But it got me thinking, If I’m not happy right now, it’s because I’m willing to put up with it.

If I’m not confident about the way I look, it’s because I’m willing to put up with it.

​​​​If I’m not as fit as I want to be…it’s because I’m willing to put up with it. 

So what can both me and you do?


Refuse to tolerate where you’re at any longer. 

That’s pretty much it. 

That little shift in your mindset. 

And it’s why I have levelled up our ACCOUNTABILITY programme in our Flex Shift Programme for ladies 40+

(which opens up again soon for our September programme. Reply with September if you want more info)

To remind you and support you, every single day

To help you do the things you know you need to do..

Just as Anna mentioned:

“After my initial meeting and discussion with Matt I was off, so simple and easy to follow the programmes with suddenly feeling very popular with 06.30 songs pinging on iMessage to exercise to and classes to attend physically or remotely what else could one receive, lots more:


Reminders to drink, Water!

Done For You Meal plans, shopping lists and a great discount off COOK Meals in Marlborough

Lovely friendly training sessions

Matt always positive and happy to help

A book to read and motivate and the support goes on and on

Raffle tickets to win prizes which we gained in the classes..”

So what am I (and Anna) saying?

You do not need to put attention on where you want to be in 1 year…

Just put attention on TODAY..

Because momentum and confidence comes

Step by step by step by step…

Matt ‘step by step’ Fruci

PS. Whenever you’re ready, here’s 3 ways I can help you:


1- I’ve put together daily, short, impactful podcasts to inspire and motivate you on doing the things you know you need to do.. 

ALL for free…

>>> CLICK HERE to grab it for free 


2 – Join Our Signature 4-Week Kickstart Coaching Programme For Ladies 40+ 


Every month, I open up the opportunity to work with us inside of our ladies only 4-Week Coaching programme, designed for ladies 40+ that want to take back control of their eating habits, fitness and lifestyle habits.


If you’d like more details on this? Just reply with the subject line ’4 Week’ and I’ll get you the details.


3- Watch How Cassie From Wiltshire Went From Mobility Scooter To Running Her First 5k & Fitting Back In Her Favourite Clothes Without Long, Boring Workouts Or Giving Up Her Favourite Foods >> CLICK HERE TO WATCH

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