Does ‘being good’ cause the ‘bad’?

Have you ever had that ‘one’ last blowout on all the foods you love before starting a new diet?
Me, too…

And it’s like some of the ladies telling me how they’ve just got rid of their kids chocolates

(by eating them)

and they say things like:

‘I’ll have to have to get rid of all of the chocolates in the cupboard before I start, Matt”…​​​​

You see, you are NOT ALONE..

even though you probably know from reading my stuff that NO FOOD IS OFF LIMITS…

It is only human nature to associate a new diet with scarcity / deprivation.

​​Which results in you thinking that you need to stock up.

They term it ‘The Last Supper Effect”

​​With research showing that when they tell people that they are about to go on a diet?

​​they gain weight in the time they were told about the diet and the time to start.

So where does this come from?

Well, it’s the ‘diet’ culture.

They tell you to restrict certain foods. That foods are bad.

That you have to suffer…​​

So what’s the way around this?

Well, the research shows to STOP restricting foods.

(for most people)​​

The most ironic part for me is how restricting so called ‘bad’ foods to be healthier…

results in behaviours, like binging, which are actually worse for your health…

​​In fact, some of the ladies I work with have mentioned that until they actually did a diet like Slimfast

they didn’t actually have an issue with food…

Now, when they diet they want to eat anything and everything…

Even foods they wouldn’t normally eat…

And I’m not saying this whole thing is easy..

But it doesn’t have to be harder than it needs to me…

In my opinion?

Well, through working with hundreds of ladies like these HERE

The ones that get the best results are the ones that understand it is ok to not be perfect

and don’t let that derail their day, week and month​​​​…

And what I will say, 

is one of the differences between people who get great results and people who don’t is 

speed of execution 


how quickly someone does something with information..

one of the easiest ways to do this?

make the steps REALLY SMALL.

So rather than saying 

“I want to give up bread because it bloats me” Like many say…

Why not start by not having it on a Monday?


Well, try it…

How do you feel?

What did you have instead?

Did it mean you had more veggies? Some salad? More protein? Were you more full up?

It makes it A LOT easier to do when you break it down to what you can DO TODAY…

Because even if it is not a ground-breaking change, making a small step is STILL putting your attention on it.

which for me?

Is huge…

because it puts your attention on what you want to do AKA get control of your food, tone up, get fit etc…

and momentum (which builds confidence)

comes from small, daily, actionable steps (not huge ones)

as when you forget this?

Well, it’s like me forgetting our wedding anniversary

You’re in trouble haha

​​​​​​​​Matt ‘last supper’ Fruci

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