Message from Laura

Here’s a message I got from Laura a few weeks ago:

“Over the last couple of months I have been attending Matt’s sessions.

What a breath of fresh air to train with women in similar situations and have fun!

Every session is different and before I knew it I was toning up and getting fitter 😀

I achieves my goal last weekend walking up Snowdon for 3 hours using my glutes from the famous Sally Up Song (this is a workout)..

And then walked 4 hours down again and feeling on top of the world!

I would never have achieved it without Matt’s continual support and food plan.

Thanks Matt!”

Well done, Laura 🙂

So task for you:

1. Set yourself a challenge this month, be it to exercise 2 times a week, drink a glass fo water every 2 hours, ‘x’ inches lost from your waistline, or meditate every morning.

2. Write it down and tell someone (They’ll either say ‘there is no way you can do that’ which will probably give you more energy to prove them wrong OR they’ll join you and you will have an accountability partner and more support which is pretty important, as Laura said above.

3. Remind yourself of this goal every morning by saying it out loud. Most people fail to achieve their goals as they don’t take it seriously enough. So, tell your brain it is important by reminding yourself every day.

4. If you don’t hit your goal? Remember there is nothing wrong with failing as long as you understand what you learnt and what you need to do to get a bit better.

​​Whether you hit your goal or not, I can guarantee ​​​​you’ll be closer to it than where you were or if you were to carry on doing the things that have got you in the position you are in now.



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