Better for what?

So yesterday I wrote about how consuming more information is making it harder to DO…

Probably actually feeds your fears about failing, self sabotage. Helps you stay in the comfort zone of staying the same..

Which is actually far from comfortable as you wouldn’t be reading this if you did not want to be better, right?

Now on to today. I want to make you bulletproof to the confusing social media headlines which make you believe that one diet is better one day and the not the next.

Unfortunately, this makes it EASIER for you not to take acton and DO (which means you do NOT get the results you want with your body, mindset and health).

Simply because when it is complicated, it gives us a reason to stay the same. “It is too hard”.

When actually, it is more simple than you think.

AND beating fear actually comes from taking action!

So, when a newspaper comes out with things like:

‘Vitamin D doesn’t work”…consider what they mean by work? Work for what? Mood? How you feel? Immune system? Bone health?

“Low carb shorten life” …shorten life for who? What if you prefer it and it helps you create a calorie deficit?

Remember that regardless of carbs, protein, fats etc…

If you:

MOVE MORE, exercise = you will feel better about yourself (afterwards anyway haha), CREATE more energy and fit your clothes better

Create a calorie deficit = Lose body fat, perhaps feel more confident about this as you SEE results and get comments from friends and family

Work on your mindset = You can begin to question your blueprint for how you REACT to what you perceive as failure. Whether it is conscious or not, we all have a strategy we have for dealing with ‘stress’ and perceived ‘failure’..when you question this? Some pretty amazing things can happen…​​​AKA you keep going when you would usually lose it and give up (that is the secret)

I’ll leave you with this:

​​​If you want to fertile the fear of failure? Fear of ‘what if’…Do nothing. Say ‘I’ll wait for a better time’. I mean, maybe there is a better time, who knows. I have no idea about your situation. 

But what I have learnt is that there is never the ‘perfect’ time to be ready to have kids…

And the perfect time to start working on you? Your muscle tone? Your body? Health? Mindset?

Is today.


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