Lessons from my daughters star chart

So supermarkets have become an interesting ‘event’ since having babies

Even moreso now our daughter is 2 

Wants to walk everywhere and put everything in the basket…

and hold the basket 🤣 

Which is super cute


can often end in disaster once the basket gets heavy and she realises I don’t need 7 packs of blueberries 🤣 

The thing is, she’s just copying mum and dad by putting stuff in the shopping basket

The first language kids learn is the language of ‘approval’

Essentially, what do I get a ‘well done’ for and what do I don’t…

the star chart at home essentially shows her this

And encourages her that she can do anything

but once she can’t do something…we can easily acknowledge this..

And this is why we’ve started taking a little star chart out with us shopping, to show her what she’s doing well & acknowledge what she can’t do

(without it being some big thing)

But why am I sharing this with you?

Well, one of the biggest issues with us all is that no one ever says ‘well done’ to us anymore 

And I could say with a lot of confidence that you don’t give yourself a pat on the back ENOUGH for the things you do well

But rather just dwell on the things you didn’t do..

which impacts how you FEEL…

And when you consider that how you FEEL impacts what you DO?

That moment is pretty decisive in whether you think ‘F it’, ‘I can’t do this’

And stop doing the things you know you need to do..

This is why I say to all of the ladies on our Fit For Life Programme

That we can build the plan together

Talk about what you want to achieve to get a bit excited

But the focus has to be on TODAY

So that it becomes a simple ‘tick box’ game 

Just like the star chart we use with my 2 year old daughter…

After all, where we are now, with our body, work, or relationships

Is simply a lag result of our daily habits


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