I just look at carbs and they make me fat

Sound familiar?

Now, I'm all for a balanced approach to food.

Because I don't want your life to be run by food.

^^^ I can't eat this and can't eat that...

If you want something, you can have it.


That said....

Low(er) carb diets


Low(er) fat diets

Can be strategically used to help get rid of the jelly belly and tone up the bingo wings.

And here's a quick and simple LOW(er) carb pizza


The 'Fruci Fit' Meatza (perfect for Saturday night when Germany play Italy in the football)


* 370 g lean beef mince

* 1 egg

* Pinch of salt, pepper and Italian herb seasoning

* 250 g of passata (or any tomato based sauce)

* 120 g of low-fat mozzarella

* Toppings of choice (e.g. mushrooms, peppers, olives, tomatoes...)


1) Mix the beef, egg, salt, pepper, and italian herb seasoning in a bowl to make 'the base'

2) Flatten out 'the base' into an oven tray

3) Cook at 180C for 10-15 min (until meat is no longer pink)

4) Drain the juice (and leave to sit for 5-10 mins)

5) Top with the tomato sauce, mozzarella and toppings of choice

6) Place back in the oven until the cheese has melted

7) Enjoy! (important)

Per half the Meatza:

Protein: 55 g

Carbs: 13 g

Fats: 18 g

Calories: 434

'Syns': 0 (lol)

Are you going to try it?


PS. Do you know the 8 things only those who've tried a low-carb diet will understand?

Check it out here:


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