8 Things Only Those Who’ve Tried A Low Carb Diet Will Understand

You probably already know that I used to be a one of those "low-carb" zealots.

Thinking that carbs were "bad"...

I thought it was a question of:

"Shall I eat carbs or fats?"

^^^ not realising that the answer is usually...


Don't get me wrong, I DID get results using a low-carb diet.

And low(er) carb diets are useful strategies at certain times for certain people.

Just like low(er) fat diets are useful strategies at certain times for certain people.

But saying that everyone with a pulse (I guess that means my dog, too?) should be on a low-carb diet (or a low-fat diet for that matter) is crazy and zealotry if you consider the science.

There ARE other ways to lose weight that also happen to make life TASTE a whole lot better!

Have you ever been on a low-carb diet?

If yes, here's 8 things that you'll probably resonate with:

1) You're moody - The thought, sight, and talk of carbs is really starting to annoy you-

All you want is a slice of fresh, crusty bread...dipped in some balsamic vinegar with a side of pasta, rice, potatoes, and ice cream.

You're not asking for much.

2) You smell - what's that smell?...YOU

If you're on a low-carb (I mean ultra low, here) diet, your body may start to produce ketones to help use fat as "fuel".

Sound's great, but if you develop bad breath and body odour...is it that great?

And no, you can't even blame this one on the onions (my wife can sense if I'd had onion from a mile away...)

3) You feel lethargic - Did you know remote controls were invented for low-carb dieters so they didn't have to get up and change the channel?

You can't be bothered to do much.

Your strength and endurance is down.

^^^ All resulting in you burning less calories...

You might even have to say goodbye to the type of training that actually builds a lean body...

4) You're constipated - Because you've cut out grains, beans, fruit and some veggies and nuts...you've also skipped a load of fibre.

Fibre is not only important for digestion but also our immune system.

Foods containing fibre often act as "food" for our good bacteria in our gut, which help to fight off illnesses and even allergies.

5) You think you've lost 3 kg of fat in 3 days - the scales might have gone down, but much of it will probably be water and the glycogen (stored glucose for energy) from carbs in your muscle.

You may even feel dehydrated.

So, you might want to head to the pub for a "low-carb" gin and tonic.

6) You're the awkward one at social events - "um, I'll have steak and salad, please."

This was me.

I got so frustrated just looking at local foods and chef specials when eating out...wishing I could have them...

Only to settle for my crispy lettuce, tasty cucumber, and steak (for the 10th meal out in a row)

7) You're not actually eating low-carb -

You're still eating a ton of fruit, peanuts, and oats thinking that these don't contain carbs.

^^^ me, again.

The thing is, I was confused because I was told "carbs were bad", but oats were a "superfood".

How can a food be "super" and "bad"?

^^^ Debunking stuff like this is exactly what got me into nutrition...

It's no wonder we're so confused, right?

8) You let everyone know that you're on a low-carb diet and tell everyone else to do it

You send all of your work colleagues and friends a message to let them know you're "low-carb".

You even put it on your out-of-office email (just in case there's a meeting and the caterers need to know your low-carb requirements).

Have you been on a low-carb diet before? How did it go for you?

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