Emotional eating, my struggles, and having an eating disorder…

New job?


Good day?

Pass me the Pimms and ice cream.

Long day?


Had enough?

Pass me the Pimms and ice cream.

But where does this come from?

Well, a 2016 study from Aston University reported that:

Parents who use overtly controlling feeding practices, such as using food as a reward or a treat...

Could be UNINTENTIONALLY teaching their children to rely on food to deal with their emotions.

They found that if children were restricted 'bad' or 'treat' foods just for special occasions at 3-5 years of age...

Then they were more likely to eat snack foods when they were 'mildly stressed' at ages 5-7.

And it reminded me...of me.

You see, growing up I was surrounded by 'dieting'.

I remember picking up a Weight Watchers book on the side and reading about 'points', 'good' foods, and 'bad' foods.

So from a young age, I was already thinking that certain foods were bad and shouldn't be eaten.

Now, on some level, you could argue this is a good thing.

But, in my case, I took it to the extreme.

^^^ And developed an eating disorder...

And I'll be honest.

Still today, I probably look forward to eating more than most people do.

But this probably couldn't be defined as the 'emotional eating' we're talking about here.

Because my knowledge of nutrition allows me to build a programme that is fit for my lifestyle and nutrient needs so that I can feel full, enjoy my food, and not feel like I have to 'give up' foods or ever feel guilty

^^^ even if I do overindulge.

So, what's the answer?

Let kids eat what they want?

^^^ Could be pretty dangerous in today's society, right?

We know that emotional eating in adult life is linked to eating disorders AND being obese.

So, it's evident that we need more research on how best to educate children about food to prevent this.

One strategy is to give children a glass of water when they fall over and hurt themselves as opposed to, say, a chocolate bar.

^^^ which was found to be common

My 2 pennies worth?

To not be so 'black and white' with nutrition.

^^^ Because I've been there and it's tiring.

To take the pressure off.

Have a philosophy.

^^^ A set of ideas and values that determine the nutritional programme.

But know that they're NOT fact.

They cannot be said to be right or wrong or more valid than any other way...

Until YOU explore them.

Which is exactly what we do on my body transformation programme:

Put you back in control, develop positive relationships with food, and CREATE the nutrition plan that works for you so you can finally put an end to the vicious ...

Diet ---> Weight Loss --> 'lost willpower' ---> Weight Regain ---> REPEAT yoyo cycle!

Speak soon,

Matt 'Pimms o'clock' Fruci

PS. Got a recipe you don't want to miss coming up. Great for low-carb fans (not that carbs are bad...)

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