‘I bought my very first size 12 dress’

'I bought my very first size 12 dress'

No, not me.

This was a message I got from Fit For Life Body Transformation member, Charlotte, at the start of the week

^^^ I meant to tell you about it earlier.

Because it’s stuff like this that really makes me love what I do.

Charlotte went on to say:

‘I don’t remember how many years ago I was (if ever) a size 12’

The secret?

Charlotte has done the basics

And done the basics VERY well…


Charlotte is:

*Hitting her nutritional targets so that her body is sufficiently nourished and energised

*Understanding the exact foods that make her feel full and satisfied to stop cravings

* STILL eating all the food (and drinks) that she enjoys

* Getting stronger and fitter with her exercises (even giving the other half a run for his money…it’s safe to say it sounds like it’s becoming competitive!)

And to top it off…

Charlotte sent me this message just after a weekend of drinking wine, eating bacon and enjoying a nice rump steak (I really am like Big Brother…)

^^^ Which are probably ‘banned’ from most diets (and swapped for some overpriced supplement that you mix with water or rub on your skin <<< I wish it worked, too!)


Is it that Charlotte has a faster metabolism than you?

^^^ Nope…

Is it that Charlotte isn’t as busy as you?

^^^ Having a commute to work that takes over an hour sounds busy to me…

The difference?


^^^ THE biggest reason why we don’t get what we want

Which brings me to these 3 questions I have for you:

1) What do you want to achieve?

(e.g weight loss, tone up, more confidence with your work life/ with friends and family / in your summer clothes, not be out of breath playing with your children / climbing stairs?)

2) Why is this important to you?

(Your ‘why’ is often the difference between giving up after a long, stressful day and just accepting that ‘it happens’ and how you react to it is what really counts…)

3) How do you feel about where you are right now?

4) How long are you willing to stay there for?

Ready to get results like Charlotte?

You can apply here: https://frucifit.com/free7daytrial/


PS. Quick tip to kill procrastination:

Whatever you’re procrastinating about (let’s say it’s going out for a walk), say to yourself that you’re going to do it for 4 minutes and then you can stop if you like.

If you feel you can keep doing it, then all good.

If not, then at least you’ve made a start (and chances are...you'll probably end up doing it!)

PPS. Consistency >>>>>>>> Perfection

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