it was MY fault

I remember when I first started Fruci Fit

And in particular our signature 4 Week Kickstart Programme for ladies over 40 

 (reply with ‘Marlborough’, ‘Devizes’ and ‘Burbage’ as the

subject line if you want the details BTW)

And wow, was it a struggle…

I knew how to get people in shape…

I learnt a hell of a lot during my postgraduate research at Oxford Brookes Univeristy, working in the NHS and public health

With people with Type 2 diabetes

And helping them challenge their beliefs, transform their habits

And some cases?

Actually put their Type 2 diabetes into remission..

And this gave me a lot of experience to help me understand how to get people in

GREAT shape both physically and mentally

 (check out some of them here:

The problem was… back then? 

No-one knew who I was

Getting people in shape was one thing…

Getting my name out there? Totally different story

You know though….

I made a HUGE mistake that kept me stuck for a long time

I BLAMED everyone and everything else for my lack of success

blamed the fact I lived in a small town (Marlborough)

blamed the fact I could not afford fancy equipment that no one even knew how to use anyway haha

Blamed my full-time job with Public Health and the NHS work I did for getting in the way..

Blamed Facebook

Blamed the fad diets

I even blamed the kids…and not having enough ‘time’

Basically, put the blame on everyone else apart from me

But you know what?

Whether it is with your career

or in our bodies, our shape, 

our weight or our energy…

results are OUR responsibility

Not anyone else’s

And it’s only when I STOPPED blaming

everyone else 

And took responsibility for my actions

(and my results)

That I actually produced results

Next thing you know? (After lots of

study and consistent work)

We have a program that has a reputation for one

thing- RESULTS 

for ladies over 40…

And you know? 

I share this with the ladies inside our programme a lot if they say ‘It must be easier for you, Matt’ 

and talk about their struggles…

blaming their kids

Their spouse

Their ‘genetics’

Their parents

Their colleagues

Their metabolism

And a bunch of other stuff for their results.

Because the bottom line

Is that we created our results. 

No-one else..

Which is actually very exciting

Because – just as the ladies inside the programme show – we can take charge

And take responsibility 

Take action..

One day at a time.

1% at a time…


Just like the ladies have here

So, if you’re ready to take action?

Send over a message

And I’ll get you the relevant details for our October 4 Week Kickstart Programme in Marlborough, Devizes and Burbage,

Specifically designed for ladies over 40..

Which starts next week!

Matt ‘my fault’ Fruci

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