“I just can’t do it anymore”

“What’s the point?”

“It’s too much”

^^^ all phrases I have said before 

Usually when I am lost in negativity 

Not doing ANYTHING to create energy for me..

And doing everything for everyone else. 

Overwhelmed by – usually – my own expectations that I should do it all…

Interesting part?

When I am in this state…

It doesn’t change the FACT

That I actually have all of the things I have ever wanted..


Amazing family 

Job I love

It reminded me of a picture  I saw on the internet 

Of 2 kids on sports day..

1 of which came in first place and the other in 3rd place..

The kid in 3rd place is over the moon..

The kid in 1st place?


The message?

Happiness is a state..

And we are ALWAYS in control of how we feel..

We are in control of our happiness…

Not our family, friends, or the colour of a medal we have…

And it’s a reminder of the fact you get what you focus on..


Where your attention goes your energy goes…

Why am I bringing this up?

Well, I am in Devizes this morning with some of the ladies inside the 4-Week Kickstart Programme who are just getting started on 

Our October Programme

(reply with ‘Marlborough’, ‘Devizes’ or ‘Burbage & I’ll get you the relevant details by the way, as we have just 4 spaces left right now to start next week)

And something we do today is simplify all of the ‘noise’ around ‘good’ or ‘bad’ foods,

The best type of exercises, and the ‘best’ ways to get fit and tone up…

To just THREE habits

In the areas of FOOD, FITNESS & SELF CARE..

It then becomes a game of us keeping you accountable to these 3 habits…

So whenever you go into ‘overwhelm’ mode.

‘F it’ / I can’t do this…

You can straight back to these 3 habits

And focus on YOU..

Rather than what the media says to eat..

The diet than Jane from the coffee shop is on..

Or the fact Karen in the office says ‘you shouldn’t be eating that on a diet…”

This is YOU vs YOU


DONE today is better than PERFECT tomorrow…

And the best diet in the world?

Is the one you DO..

Anyway, in Devizes today so best get moving ☺

Speaking of which..

Today and tomorrow

Is your last chance to get on our October 4 Week Kickstart Programme in Devizes, Marlborough and Burbage

Specifically for ladies over 40..

If you’d like the details?

Just reply with ‘Marlborough’, ‘Devizes’, or ‘Burbage’ and I’ll get you the details. 

4 spaces left for this as of now…

And our £10 discount is live until Monday…

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