It was more like a trip to Love Island

So our family day out to the farm

ended being more like something you’d see on Love Island…

We saw horny turtles

Excited goats…

pigs chatting each other up..

You probably get the picture.

And – of course – they also just casually poo as they walk around…

But what’s interesting is how everyone seems surprised when they see this..

Me included.

almost like we wouldn’t have expected animals to poo and get it on…haha

We almost pretend we don’t do these things…

So why am I sharing this with and what’s it got to do with anything health, fitness and weight loss?

Well, you know why most people fail to stick to diets and this fitness stuff? 

It’s because we compare ourselves to the so-called  ‘perfect person’ 

Who we think always has their S#*! together…

Never feels tired.

Never feels like they don’t have enough time for themselves ..

Never feels pi$$ed off at the fact they made a plan but didnt stick to it…

 Exercises everyday

 loves salad

 Never craves crisps and chocolate

Home cooks all of their food 

Irons their pyjamas 

Has a tupperware cupboard where all of the lids match the boxes (they may even be colour coded)…

But you know the funny thing?

this so-called ‘perfect person’ probably isn’t real..

And even if they are?

They aren’t YOU…

Their work, lifestyle, family life may be completely different…

They might even be secretly run down and jealous of you..

My point?

We spend so much time and energy

worrying about what others think and do

Things we can’t control…

Pretending that we never poo (or get it on)

Bottle things up and never get to the REAL issue of why you keep stopping with this fitness and health stuff…

and beat yourself up for not being ‘perfect’…


Comparing ACTUAL results to IDEAL results

Forgetting that IDEAL is probably based on something you saw on social media

(or maybe the Biggest Loser)​​

Which might not actually be real (especially with all the celeb fads endorsing shakes and slimming coffee right now lol)

I get you want it all to happen NOW…

But is that really what you want?

Or are you creating a lifestyle that doesn’t actually make you feel better?

FEEL GOOD about yourself?

More confident?

Have the flexibility to enjoy the foods you love?

Not beat yourself up for ‘having a bad ​​​​day’?

Matt ‘love island’ Fruci

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