How to feel better about yourself

I’ll never forget looking at other people thinking:

‘how are they so confident?

how is it that they can just walk up to people and start chatting without being awkward?

Talk and public speak without going red or being nervous?

I wish I could do that.

I wish I could be that confident​​”

I still actually do this now…occasionally..

And as a dad of two girls,

something I want to show the is just how subjective self esteem and confidence really is..

I mean, it is simply your subjective view of your OWN self-worth…

It’s up to you if you base this on what others think, do or say…

Or how you look, feel, what you say, what you offer to the world, to your friends, family, strangers etc..

But here’s what I do know:

Whenever I’m not feeling confident, feeling a bit low…

I notice that I haven’t taken the time for any self care or ‘me time’…

Be it fun – as how do you feel when you have fun?

Exercise – I might not necessarily enjoy exercising, but I love the feeling of HAVING exercised…

Eating nutritious foods and actually sitting down to eat rather than grabbing stuff on the go..

How do I know it’s this?

Because they make me FEEL good

And how you feel impacts what you DO and the results you get…

When you feel good, everything is easier

Be it dealing with an issue at work

Or the pain in your joints, hips and knees…

How you feel impacts how hard this is…

And how you feel is your choice…

Something that I’ve only fairly recently grasped.

Y’see, when I look back at panic attacks…

I’d be tired, stressed, rushing around and SCHEDULED zero time for me…

My brain would be focussing on the future and my choice to feel overwhelmed by it.

(even though I cannot tell the future…I am not mystic Meg, after all)​​

So how do you take control of how you feel?

Well, something I personally do and go over in our 4-Week Kickstart Programme is focussing on 3 habits a day in the areas of:



Focus (me time, prioritising you)

Personalised to where you are now and where you want to be and how you want to FEEL…

After all, where you are now with your work, family, body is often simple a lag result of your daily habits over the last 30, 60, 90, 120 days…

And when you’re aware of what you’re doing?

you know what works for you and keep your results for good by implementing these new habits, every day!

It almost makes looking after YOU priority, rather than ​​something ‘I’ll fit in if I’ve done my to do list’

^^ Which rarely happens, right?

So you can…​​​​

Feel better about yourself for accomplishing something and actually sticking to it for longer than you ever have done…

Feel in control of your snacking habits

Feel fitter and stronger (so you’re not out of breath walking up the stairs)

Feel the clothes you want to wear​​ becoming looser

Whatever it is

Whatever is important to you…

there’s a quote that I have printed in my office that I see everyday :

“the life you have right now is the life you are willing to put up with”

and when you start there?

everything becomes a lot easier.​​​​


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