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It was literally all over me…

Without any warning (aside from a little cough)

I’m sat there

Covered in sick (fishy sick, I should add)

With 12 or so others

At baby ballet

So as everyone else and my older daughter  are  doing their arabesques 

I’m balancing sick on my shorts (yep, holding on to summer)

And wrapping the rest inside one of my daughters jumpers..

Luckily, everyone was on hand to give me wipes, towels and bags to clean it all up.

And I mean “luckily”..

We were in such a rush that morning 

I forgot nappies and any wipes (typical)…

And my point here?

It would have been easy to 

Beat myself up and say things like

 “what a 💩 dad I am”

“How could I forget them”

“I shouldn’t have ran so fast with my daughter in my arms from the car park”(is it probably made her sick 🤔)”

“I wonder what others were thinking”

“I wonder if I looked really silly”

But the thing is.

Everyone gets it..

And everyone has been there.

The only problem here?

My thoughts…

And it’s the same when I see some of  the ladies labelling themselves as lazy for not being super up for their exercise session At 615am in the dark

Or at 7pm after a long days work 

Or even at 11am after looking after all of their family for the past 24 hours…. 

You see, you’re not lazy, you’re just in line with 95% of other people out there who are thinking of anything else to do …

But your thoughts make you believe that you’re different..lazy..

And it’s even the same with those damn scales…

When we let a natural fluctuation up and down impact how we feel, our energy, what we think and what we do

(I actually did a video talking about why you’re not losing weight

But with them saying that 1 in 4 us are now at a higher risk of cancer, heart disease and Type 2 diabetes because of our lack of exercise…

I don’t think this is something we should just ignore. 

Now, luckily for us, the latest research shows that muscle strengthening exercise not only helps you feel good, shape your body and fit your clothes better…

but can also be done pretty quickly, making it easy to fit it in without sacrificing too much time from your family and friends. You see, I prefer to help this health and fitness stuff fit your lifestyle, rather than the other way around…​​

You also don’t have to worry about driving to a gym or the rain. Although you may have to worry about your other half wondering what you’re doing in your living room.

as I’m challenging you today, regardless of what you’re doing, to this workout below. It’s literally 5 minutes (give or take)​​​​:

>>> (there is a workout from standing or laying down)


Get started and just focus on progress , no matter how small, over time.

Have a 💩 day? Who cares. Get back to it. Dwelling on it will only make it more 💩 

You can NEVER think your way out of a bad situation…

Doing is the only answer

And you might just find

That it’s never as bad as you thought…

Something I keep telling my daughter when she tries new things…

Hypocritical otherwise, right?

Matt ‘lazy?’ Fruci