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Worried it’d be too much?

“I might burn myself out”

^^^ this my response 

when Mrs Fruci asked what we were going to do when our oldest daughter turns 3 and we get 30 hours free nursery…

You see, at the moment

I look after the babies 2 days a week..

But what surprised me was how I literally came straight out with:

 ‘I might burn myself out’ 

if we put the babies in another day to make up the 30 hours…

I mean, I love our days together. So many memories created. Fun…

and – I believe – it actually makes me more productive with my time as I know these days are non-negotiable.

I actually get more done now than I did before I had kids <<< crazy, right?

Here’s the thing though and let me reframe the above (as it is only partially true)..



^^^^ Read that again…

This is massive moment for me..

Someone who has always been ‘all or nothing’…

Forgetting that nothing matters unless you look after YOU FIRST..

I even now have a bedtime cut off where no matter what..

I go to bed by 10pm..

Even if I have stuff I need to get done.

Once upon a time I would have stayed up all night..

Burned myself out and ended up being no good the next day, anyway…

As the saying goes:

“Sooner or later, your health will become your #1 priority”

My point in all of this?

You DO NOT have to do it all..

All you need to do today is ONE thing..

You don’t need to SOLVE your comfort eating TODAY to be a success

You don’t need to exercise every day for an hour…

Give up all of your favourite foods..

You just need to think differently…

For example, I’m working closely with one of the ladies to improve her sleep at the moment…

She gets frustrated that she can’t always get to sleep and wakes up multiple times (which actually makes it worse)

The thing is though, feeling tired impacts her energy, food choices, how she is with loved ones, productivity, motivation, willpower and – as a result – whether she feels ‘fitter and lighter’ …

And it can seem overwhelming when you read all of this and then know that research suggest that the following helps:

Get off your emails earlier

Read before bed

Limit screen time before bed


Black out curtains

Reducing caffeine and alcohol

I could go on..

So what did we do instead?

  1. Asked this question: What would my best self do to increase my energy today?

^^^ This has been the one thing that helps her to NOT feel guilty about having a nap / some time out / shut eye during the day when she feels tired << years of being told that ‘you are lazy if you sit down’ have almost scarred her with this..

  1. Put yourself in charge:

Be aware that when you are tired  / have had less sleep than you need (perhaps 1/3 less sleep than normal), you are more likely to:

  • Perceive foods to be more rewarding than they actually are (meaning that you will want the sugary, high fat foods more than normal because you ‘think’ they will be tastier than they are…)
  • Crave sweeter foods (this doesn’t mean you actually want them…)
  • Increased ‘feelings’ of hunger
  • Think you can eat more than you can so you serve yourself more (and consider that we eat over 90% of what we serve …)

Because just being aware of all of the above..

Puts you in POWER

Makes your more self-aware

Of the fact that you DO have a choice..

Which is a nice,  liberating feeling

That puts you in control…

And sometimes, that shift in your mindset is enough to keep going for long enough to see the results you want to see with the way you look and feel ..

Because even if you feel ‘a little bit’ better before Christmas..

Imagine how different Christmas could be for you?

With just the smallest shift in your mindset

Away from negative

Towards the positive…

Just like Helen mentioned:

“Just wanted to say thank you for another positive 1:1. It is really good to be reminded of where I started this process. 

Even though I am struggling with weight loss at present, I am keeping off what I have lost – that has to be a win. 

I have lost inches too and wearing smaller clothes – another win. I am being complimented by friends and family – another win. 

I can do this! I will do this! I enjoy the positive support of the ladies in the group and am inspired by their achievements.

Looking forward to class tomorrow”

So many wins in there ☺

Well done, Helen!

And if you want to join Helen and co for FREE in December on our Kickstart Programme for Ladies over 40 who know what to do but still don’t do it…

Just message me with ‘Devizes’, ‘Marlborough’ or ‘Burbage’

And I’ll get you the details

Matt ‘sleeping beauty’ Fruci