Is this a healthy snack for losing weight?

“Monday comes and I always start the week so well.

Yet as soon as ‘life’ gets in the way

I go into that good-bad

all-or-nothing mindset

Mess things up for myself

And I feel I’m back to square one”

^^^ Sound familiar?

You see, this pretty much came from a one member of my body transformation programmes

And even though she KNOWS she can have some cake at her kid’s birthday party

A few vinos at the weekend

Enjoy a nice meal out with the hubby without feeling guilty

And even have her beloved CHEESE (without fearing weight gain)

She CHOOSES to feel guilty

Chooses to ‘believe’ that having the cheese instead of say, some ‘healthy for snacking’ almonds is ‘better’

So ends up thinking ‘I’ve failed’

But here’s the thing…

Have you ever looked at how many calories are in almonds compared to cheese?

I mean, I’m not saying is cheese is ‘better’

^^^ Context is key

But if BANNING and DEPRIVING yourself of your beloved cheese (and port)

For the sake of some ‘better and more healthy’ almonds

Means that you end craving…binging…and feeling like you failed (so you give up and self sabotage all of your hard work again)

Could the cheese be the better option for you?

Well, this might be an eye opener for you

Now, it might be a bit cheesey

But I think it’s ‘grate’

As it shows you what 160 calories of cheese vs almonds looks like :-)​​​

Matt ‘cheesey’ Fruci

PS. If you want to learn more about different types of fat, I spoke about this here for you:

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