#1 thing I’ve learnt from our amazing members on my body transformation programme

One thing I’ve learnt from the amazing members on my body transformation programmes that I work with every day (apart from Sunday’s ;-))

Is that you have all of the answers

You know what to do

You just need to be asked the right questions.

Take this chat I had with a member just last week:

“I can’t deal with stress and I have no willpower”

^^^ so she thought


I asked some simple questions (I could have went on forever):

“Have you ever moved house?”

“Have you ever taken a test?”

“Have you ever had a job interview?”

“Do you have kids?”

“Lost your job?”

“Lost a loved one?”

“Suffered from depression?”

The answer was YES to most of them

You see, she said she has gone through pregnancy and labour TWICE

^^^ and after witnessing my wife’s labour..that’s not easy and stress-free….and I can confirm that getting kicked in the [insert here] does NOT compare 😉

So, would you agree that this shows she CAN handle stress?

I think there’s enough evidence, don’t you?

But you just choose not to believe it

And rather

Choose a different belief

One that often is NOT even yours

^^^read that again

* Was it just that your mum said you’re a “stress head”?

* You’re other half said you have “no willpower”when dieting?

And I’m not telling you to change these thoughts and beliefs

But just to question them

And know that you CAN believe something different to what you did before

I mean, I’m going to call you out now


^^^ read that again

You’ve told your kid that Santa is real

That the Easter bunny is real

And that the tooth fairy collects your kid’s teeth and gives them 50p

^^^ I love how you’re now judging the “50p”…is it too much, too little? What about inflation? Brexit?

But here’s the thing

You once believed in it, too

But you don’t anymore

You changed your beliefs

Imagine if you did that with your beliefs about your weight loss?

Beliefs about how you could never drop a few dress sizes with “my lack of willpower”?

Well, stop imagining and thinking

Because it just makes you more anxious

And just know that

“DOING crushes anxiety”

^^^ But only 120% of the time

Matt “tooth fairy” Fruci

PS. I’ve got some exciting things planned in my Fat Loss Mastery body transformation programme

Which I won’t bore you with unless you think you’d be a good fit (see below for more info)

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