Why you SHOULD be more selfish…

How would you feel if someone called you selfish?






And -dare I say it-


You see, I work with a lot of mums

And you get A LOT of stuff done

You’re the 100% certified multitasking experts

^^^ I’ve witness my wife eat, feed our daughter and read a book at the same time…

You are like superheros

School runs

Preparing the food

Doing the washing

Back on the school run

tidying up

and feeling guilty if the other half has to do ‘too much after a long day’

But the problem with this?

You end up doing nothing for you

And how does this make you feel?

Irritable with loved ones?

Resenting your loved ones?

Taking it out on them?

^^^ I’m guilty of being a bit ‘snappy’ with my wife when I havent done something for ME (be it exercise, treating myself well with sleep / food or something a bit FUN that made me laugh..if that’s still allowed in today’s doom and gloom…)

So, my question to you is this:

Is being selfish actually selfless?

Let’s imagine you have this new (or rather lingering) goal of getting in control of your food so you stop wasting time and money on ‘nibbley food on the go’

And start dropping a few dress sizes so you can ditch the baggy clothes this summer

And to do this

You need to get one of your 5 minute workouts in (like we do in my Fat Loss Mastery body transformation programme)

you get up…but the kids are already up

You’re then too busy sorting them out for school

Then the washing needs to be done


and before you know…

YOUR workout was not done

but everything for everyone else? DONE

What happens?

Nothing changes

Because you made the unimportant stuff (odd jobs, checking Facebook…emails) more important than your health

And you actually start to resent those around you

Because you feel its their fault that you didn’t prioritise it

Now, let’s imagine you did something FUN every day (even for 20 minutes)

How do you feel when you do fun stuff?

Amazing and HAPPY, right?

Imagine if you did that every day?

What would you be like around other people?

Around your loved ones?

And I want to leave you with this:

What does it say about how you feel about yourself if you never do anything for you?

What would improve if you prioritised you (for once)?

* Imagine feeling more confident about yourself in your favourite clothes (and actually enjoying clothes shopping)

* Sleeping better and having more energy

* Being PRESENT when with the kids (rather than relying on another coffee)

* Dropping a few dress sizes

Well, the next free trial we have for our Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme may be for you

To see a little glimpse of the stuff we go through…

Check this out below

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