Is it carbs, gluten, meat or fats?

So I’m talking to patients recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes today

At Eldene Medical Centre on all things food, lifestyle, exercise and medicine..

And I’m sure I’ll get a few questions about whether we should cut carbs, meat, saturated, fats, and even vegetables (yes…even vegetables)

But what if…

It’s not carbs…

It’s not saturated fats…

It’s now…

Air con ….apparently haha

The research, done in Holland, basically said

“The human body evolved to be able to cope with fluctuations in temperature and can become obese and diabetic in an artificially controlled climate”

Whether that’s ‘true or not’…

It’s no secret that staying comfortable…

can actually make us UNcomfortable…

And create an ‘artificial’ “feel good” feeling that is short-lived and 

actually leaves us feeling pretty s#*!…

Like I do when it comes to doing yoga. 

I did yoga for 4 weeks. Loved it every time I have done it…

I felt great.

YET…I’ve just stopped doing it…

It’s part of the reason why we get an awesome yoga teacher to come in once per month on our programme..

(and to give the ladies a break from me…haha)

Because – just like a lot of the advice I give – this mindfulness and restfulness stuff is for me, too..

You know, I don’t always exercise

I don’t always plan my meals even though I bang one about it 

and the ladies who do it often tell me how much time and money they save when they do it…

Especially as it sends you a shopping list so you know what you need.


just like you know, it’s very rare that you will feel worse if you exercise and plan your meals, right?

It might feel uncomfortable now to do it…

It might be inconvenient…

But am I right in thinking it will make your life more comfortable?

When climbing stairs?

In how you feel about your health?

Your energy?

The clothes you’re wearing this Summer?

So, if you’re with me on this, let’s do something UNCOMFORTABLE today to make us MORE comfortable tomorrow…

I’m off to floss my teeth whilst standing on one leg

^^ another habit I’m working on

After all, this stuff really comes down to the choice to what’s best for you vs what you desire in the current moment.

​​​​​Matt ‘con air’ Fruci

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